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Shasta gets off work early, and Snappy offers to take her out to dinner with Arianna and Rubble the next day. Shasta happily agrees, but when a huge important delivery comes through, Shasta needs to race to get it delivered. The only problem is everything seems to be stopping her. Can she deliver it in time and still make it to dinner?

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The late night bite

Story Edit

Shasta raced into the Lookout garage.

"Whoo! Today was a good day! I got all my work done early! And that never happens!" She cried. She unhooked her sled and took off her harness. She headed into the Lookout and looked around. Sarah,Zuma, Rocky, and Sasha were sitting together talking.

"We're is everyone else?" Shasta wondered aloud.

"They are off on a mission!" A familiar voice said. Shasta turned to see Snappy walking towards her.

a work in progress..

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