Rocky Skye Chase and Robert were walking in the woods

Chase: where are we going?

Robert: to my home

They walked up to a wooden cabin

They heard voices

Robert: my best friends are here

Ryan: I hate you why are you my brother!

Colin: I don't know

They walk in

Ryan: hey Robert who's those people

Robert: I met them In the woods

Ryan has a maroon vest and hat and Colin had a light blue vest and hat

Robert had a black vest and hat but Roberts hat and vest were torn up

Chase: hello

Colin: hi there

Skye: how long have you been here?

Colin: about 5 years me and Ryan Robert for 10 years

Rocky: how did you survive

Colin: we have food right here

Chase: woah

Skye: we better get back to Ryder

Colin: well come to

They all leave the house

Ryan: where is Ryder?

Chase: just keep following

They get to the camp site

Chase: Ryder?

Ryder comes running out of the cave

Ryder: pups where we're you!

Kai Jay and Lloyd come out of the cave 

Jay: Yeah

Rocky: we found 3 pups Robert Ryan and Colin

Ryder: Robert was bad I don't know if he can come back

Robert: please I'm sorry

Ryder: fine

They all walk back to the viehcaels and get back to the look out

Ryder: pups to the look out

Penelope and lilac hurry there

All the pups line-up

Ryder: I welcome Ryan and Colin to the paw patrol!!!!

Ryan does a 120 down the slide

Colin runs slips and hits his head on the floor

Robert does a skateboard slide

Ryan lands in a maroon pup house Colin in a light blue and Robert a black pup house

Pups: yey!

The end

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