First story related to Gaze's movies. This is cannon to my storyline but has no important information.

This story belongs to Crescenttherangerpup98.

Summary Edit

After watching Gaze's movie "The attack of the chihuahua army" The pups have dreams related to it. Is it a dream come true or a nightmare.

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Little rat.

Story Edit

-Thank you for comming. I really hope you enjoyed the film.-Gaze said with a slight smile on his face. A small movie marathon presenting had just started and the first film had ended. Despite not being the german shepherd's biggest pride his heart had. It was the beggining of his carreer. He was 4 months old when the low budget movie was made. It had great success and was his firts step getting closer to fame. But one thing he couldn't understand, why was it so popular? There were ay better movies but this one was specially liked by the other pups.

Eight pups in special had assisted to the marathon after one of their friends got an invitation for it. Rosalia had been friend's with Gaze for a while now. He was one of his most mportant patients back in Foggy bottom, but that's another story. He had given her tickets to invite some friends over to the movie theater that night. After thinking a bit she invited Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest. The other pups where either busy or not in the mood to go. In the end only those seven pups agreed.

As they walked back home the pups wondered how would have it been if the movie was real. Would there really be an army made of little puppies trying to conquer the world. And most importantly, What would have they done then.

But this daydreaming had to end sometime soon. It was late and the pups were exhausted. They laid in their puphouses after they headed to their home and everest had separated to head for the mountain. What they didn't know is that their dreams would experience a new adventure.

Chase's tale Edit

coming soon

Marshall's tale Edit

coming soon

Zuma's tale Edit

coming soon

Skye's tale Edit

coming soon

rubble's tale Edit

coming soon

Rocky's tale Edit

coming soon

Everest tale Edit

comming soon

Rosalia's tale Edit

coming soon.

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