This is the second cowboy story I've made. So I hope you like it. P.S. I have to go to bed soon. I'll work on some before I go to sleep and then the rest in the morning.

Summery Edit

When Puma and Blue came to Adventure Bay, they invite everyone to their Western Hoedown. But, when Ariel realize that Puma and Blue have been working for their evil parents and are planning to take over Adventure Bay. Can the spies stop them from taking over Adventure Bay.

Charters Edit








Mayor Goodway


Mr. Porter






Chapter 1Edit

( Ariel arrives at the lookout)

Ariel: Guys guess what just happened to me.

Paw Patrol: What.

Ariel: Puma and Blue have invited Adventure Bay to a hoedown.

Ryder: Wow. Really.

Ariel: Yeah.

Alex: Rangers get over here. You've got a mission.

Ryder: On our way Alex.

( Later. )

Jake: Yo Alex dude .

Alex: Rangers.

Ryder, Katie, Jake, and Everest: Ahh.

Alex: You have to stop Puma and Blue . Cause they have taking most of the the best places in the world.

Katie: What is their next target.

Alex: Adventure Bay.

Ariel: I knew they were up to something.

Jake: This is a job for the Rangers.

( Dun dun dun)

All: Of spies.

( Later with Ryder)

Ryder: Ryder on double pogo to go go. Came on Boe monkey. Let's go.

Boe: Ehh ohh.

Ryder: Hey hey hey. Wait.

(Later. )

Chapter 2Edit

Everest: Guys look.

Rangers: (Gasp)

Jake: Ariel was right they are planning to take over Adventure Bay.

Ryder: Hey Boe look. I'm a big hot dog. (Dressed up in a dog customer. ) Ha get it?

Boe: Eh. (Gasp) Eh.

Jake: They're getting away.

( Later at the hoedown. )

Katie: Guys .I don't see those two anywhere. 

Boe: Eh. Eh. Eh.

Ryder: Guys look.

Rangers: (Gasp)

Boe: Eh.

Everest: Let's go.

Chapter 3Edit

Puma: Ours plan is almost complete soon Adventure Bay will be ours.

Both: (Evil laugh. )

Ryder: Look at that someone could get trapped in the net.

Boe: Eh!

Ryder: What a great idea Boe. Guys let's see if we can get this net over them.

Katie: It's worth a shot.

The Rangers throw the net over Puma and Blue.

Blue: Rangers. No and we could have had the world to ourselves.

Jake: The only world you guys will have will be person.

(Later. )

Mayor: Great work Rangers you really save the world and adventure bay.

Jake: Thanks Mayor Goodway.

Everest: What a great hoedown.

Katie: What a great mission.

Ryder: What a great day.

The End.

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