Pups and the Midnight Dog Rescue
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date February 25, 2014
Written by FPGOutlaw
Directed by FPGOutlaw
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Pups and the Resort Vacation (Part 2) Pups and the Savior of Rocky

Pups and the Midnight Dog Rescue is a story done in the storyline of FPGOutlaw. It is his first episode where he introduces a new pup. 

Dialogue and SynopsisEdit

What’s up guys? It’s FPGOutlaw here, with yet another Fanon story! I will be continuing “Pups and the Resort Vacation” soon, I just need some more creativity. This will be a usual episode, where I will actually use all 6 pups, plus a new pups that I have taken days to think of and create! This episode will be centered around Rubble, and this new pup. This is my first time coming up with a new main character, stay with me though, my skills are still improving. This pup’s name is “Belle”, and she was found by Chase and Rubble, this is the story of that.

This story takes place in April, the 15th exact. About 8 months since my storyline has continued.

The usual reminder: No editing or posting pictures unless you are me (FPGOutlaw) or an admin that sees fit. Comments are fine though :D

  • It was a usual Spring day in Adventure Bay. The temperatures were average, and the PAW Patrol were all outside in front of the lookout, playing.

Chase: It’s such a nice day out!

Rocky: Surprises me that it’s so nice out on a day in April!

Zuma: This is awesome! The snow and ice are gone! I don’t want the same thing to happen as last year!

Skye: Well, you did go unconscious, and I did save you.

Zuma: *Thinks* Then there was the CPR, oh boy was that good! Never mind.

  • Chase walks in, and kisses Skye right in front of Zuma and Rocky. Marshall, Ryder, and Rubble hadn’t come in yet. Zuma tried to look away as the two kissed, but he couldn’t resist it. Rocky didn’t have those kinds of feelings for Skye, so he didn’t care really much, but you could tell Zuma did.

Chase: Hey Rocky! Hey Zuma!

Rocky: Hey Chase!

  • Ryder and the other 2 pups walk in.

Ryder: So pups, I have a really good idea.

Zuma and Rocky: What is that Ryder/Wyder?

Ryder: We do nothing tonight! I already invited Katie over, and all of us are just going to hang out. Sound like fun?

Rocky: Katie is amazing!

Ryder: *Thinks* Tell me about it.

Chase and Skye: *To eachother* Easy night, no rescues, fun night for us! *Giggles*

  • So Katie, and Cali, come over, all of them are in the lounge area, just hanging out, and talking to one another. Skye and Chase are together, with Zuma next to Skye. Katie and Ryder were with eachother. Marshall and Rocky were talking to eachother, and Rubble was just, there.

Rocky: This is a very nice night, relaxing, no work involved, couldn’t be better!

Ryder: I hope it stays this way...

  • So the day turned to night, about 7:30. Everyone was in the lounge.

Rubble: Well, I’m all tired out!

Rocky: I agree, talking is tiring!

Marshall: It’s not even 8 yet guys.

Skye: This has been an amazing night. Being with all my best friends all night long is the best feeling ever!

Zuma: I agree, what a great night!

  • Ryder’s pup-pad goes off.

All: Oh no...

Ryder: *Nervously* Ryder here.

Mayor Goodway: Ryder! There is a pup here who is trapped underneath some wood here near the train tracks. Thank god that Chickaletta saw it!

Ryder: Really? Sounds like a weird rescue. No job’s too big, no pup’s too small. 

  • Ryder pulls out the part of his Pup-Pad where the button is that activates all the pups’ collars.

Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout!

  • Some cinematic scenes later.

Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: Alright pups, we have a late-night emergency in store. There is a pup that is trapped underneath some spare wood near the train tracks, and we need to do some saving!

  • Ryder slides the pup-pad to Chase’s symbol.

Ryder: Chase. I’ll need your police-pup skills to help us first find the pup, then to help get it out.

Chase: These paws uphold the laws!

  • Ryder slides the pup-pad to Rubble’s symbol.

Ryder: Rubble. I’ll need you and your rig to help lift the wood off the pup after Chase locates the pup.

Rubble: Rubble on the double!

Ryder: PAW Patrol, is on a role!

  • All the usual scenes happen. The 3 of them arrive to the train station.

Ryder: Alright Chase, we need to find this pup.

Chase: I don’t have something with its scent on it.

Ryder: I’m pretty sure that there are not many puppies around here, jut sniff around.

  • So Chase continuously sniffs around, and they eventually find the pup, who can barely be seen underneath all the wood.

?: Help me!

Ryder: We’re on it, just hold in.

  • So Rubble gets in his rig, and starts to lift the wood logs off the puppy. The pup helped him by using brute strength to remove some of the logs after Rubble got some of the biggest ones off. Once she (it was then revealed it was a she), she talks to Chase, Ryder, and Rubble.

?: Thanks for saving me, you all are life-savers!

Ryder: Whenever you need us, just yelp for help!

?: By the way, my name is Belle, and I am a stray dog, now that my owner has gone missing. I heard about you guys, thank the Lord that Mayor Goodway saw me.

Rubble: So you’re a stray? But you look like you have been cared for, you look nice.

Belle: Well thank you! I haven’t been cared for in days.

Rubble: Sounds like me when I was first found by the PAW Patrol.

Chase: I remember that day like it was yesterday. You were so young!

Ryder: Come on pups, we need to return to the Lookout.

Belle: Can I come along too?

Rubble: Come on Ryder, let her! Please?

Ryder: Sure, let’s go!

  • So Ryder and Chase get in their vehicles, and Belle goes with Rubble. They return to the Lookout, to see that all the pups, Katie, and Cali are waiting for them.

Skye: Oh boy, another female pup, I’m not the only one anymore! I’m Skye.

Belle: Hello Skye, I’m Belle. Nice to meet you!

Rocky: That’s Chase’s girlfriend.

Skye: Rocky!

Rocky: Sorry.

Katie: I’m the Vet of Adventure Bay, Katie.

Marshall: And I’m Marshall, it’s so nice to meet someone as pretty as you.

  • Rubble walks in. Belle goes and sits next to Rubble, which surprises everyone, as Rubble is usually the one sitting alone, and being a tag-along.

Belle: It was this glorious pup that saved me, and I have all the thanks in the world to give him.

Zuma: *Thinks* Even Rubble can get a girl?

  • So it was later, almost 10 PM at this point, all the pups went outside, soon to go to their pup houses. Skye pulls Rubble aside, while Chase, Zuma, Marshall, Belle, and Rocky all talk to eachother in the background.

Skye: So Rubble, what does Belle have on you?

Rubble: I think she likes me, what do I do?

Skye: I’d first see if she really likes you, it really makes me mad when Zuma hits on me, when I don’t like him that way, you should make sure the same thing doesn’t happen with her.

Rubble: That makes sense, thanks Skye.

Skye: Anytime for a friend Rubble.

  • The scene changes over to Chase and Belle, who were both away from Rocky, Zuma, and Marshall.

Belle: Chase, can I ask you a question?

Chase: Of course, what is it?

Belle: What is it that you find in Skye?

Chase: Well, it’s kinda hard for me to remember, as it’s been 14 months, but she is just sweet, funny, and the best pup I’ve ever known.

Belle: That’s so sweet. But there’s another question I must ask.

Chase: Alright.

Belle: What about Rubble?

Chase: Well Rubble is usually quiet, certainly the most held-back out of all of us. But he is nice, funny, and just sweet. I wouldn’t of helped him if he didn’t have good qualities.

Belle: What do you think, if I liked Rubble?

Chase: That actually surprises me. You’re a mixed breed, so I thought you would go after Rocky.

Belle: Well, Rocky just doesn’t seem like the dating type, he seems more the best friend type.

Chase: And that’s why he’s one of my best friends.

Belle: But I’ve seen Rubble, and he seems pretty nice.

Chase: Do you need, me to talk to him for you?

Belle: That would be great! Thanks Chase.

Chase: Anytime for a friend.

  • Chase goes to Skye.

Skye: Hey baby, why you look all worried?

Chase: So you remember Belle right?

Skye: Um, how couldn’t I remember her?

Chase: Well, she told me a secret.

Skye: Oh boy, what’s that?

Chase: She likes Rubble.

Skye: Of all of the pups, it’s the quiet one.

Chase: We should talk to Ryder, and get her a membership into the PAW Patrol. Then we can talk to Rubble tomorrow about her.

Skye: I like the idea, let’s go!

Chase: Chase is on the case!

  • So Skye and Chase go to Ryder, to talk about Belle.

Ryder: What’s up pups?

Chase: I know it’s almost time to go to bed Ryder, but I have an idea.

Ryder: What is that Chase?

Skye: To make Belle a member of the PAW Patrol!

Ryder: Judging by her show of strength at the Train Station, she can be our moving puppy, who could help us move stuff if needed.

Chase and Skye: That’s different, but it works!

Ryder: Overnight, I’ll work on her vehicle, and we’ll have the initiation tomorrow!

Skye and Chase: Yay! *Both Bark*

  • So overnight, all the pups went to their respective pup houses. Belle went with Skye. In the morning, early in the morning, Skye woke up, without waking Belle up, then went and woke Chase up.

Skye: Come on baby, wake up!

Chase: W-W-what do you want?

Skye: Rubble is awake in his pup house, now is a perfect time to talk to him!

Chase: It’s too early.

Skye: Come on!

Chase: Alright, fine.

  • So Chase and Skye walk over to Rubble, he is surprised to see them this early in the morning.

Rubble: This early? What do you two need?

Skye: To last night, I took Belle back to my pup-house, where she told me something.

Chase: She also told me this when I was talking to her last night.

Rubble: What is that?

Chase and Skye: That she likes you.

Rubble: But why me? I’m the quiet one of the group, why would she want me?

Chase: The work that you did for her yesterday probably has something to do with it.

Skye: You did save her yesterday, you’re a hero.

Rubble: Well, she is nice, and pretty, and strong. But why would she go for me?

Skye: Rubble, don’t put yourself down, it’s not healthy, just remember, you’re a good friend.

Rubble: Thanks Skye.

  • The scene then changes, with Rubble’s badge.

Rubble: Hey Belle.

Belle: Hello Rubble! What’s up?

Rubble: Nothing really, what about you?

Belle: Well, I was thinking of leaving, and continuing my search of my owner.

  • Chase then walks over, because he heard what Belle said. Rubble knew he gave up his chance with Belle right there.

Chase: No! You can’t leave yet!

Belle: Well, my owner needs to be found.

Chase: You can stay with us for one more day right?

Belle: Well, last night was amazingly fun, I can stay for today.

Chase and Rubble: Yay! *Barks*

  • Scene change, with Rubble’s badge. The next scene is all the pups sitting in a line on the top floor of the Lookout, with Belle sitting in front of Ryder.

Ryder: Belle, I’ve thought about it over and over throughout yesterday and this morning, you have the option to be the 7th member of the PAW Patrol, if you obey to do your orders whenever you are needed and asked to by me, Ryder.

Belle: Of course I will!

  • All the pups bark happily.

Ryder: There is also a surprise waiting for you at the bottom of the slide, go see it!

Belle: Really? That’s amazing!

  • So Belle goes down the slide, and gets into her new vehicle. It’s a black jeep, that has “Belle” spraypainted on both sides of it.

Belle: This is amazing! Thanks Ryder! 

Ryder: Belle may have gotten a prize, but you all have been good pups, and deserve some play time. Go right ahead.

  • The episode would end with the usual PAW Patrol ending.


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