It has been a while since the pups have gotten their newest video game and started playing it. But something strange happens. Keep reading to find out...

Chase: Okay Pups, We just got our newest video game. Now it's time to PLAY THIS GAME LIKE CRAZY!

Rocky: Wait! We don't know how to play it. We should read the instructions

Chase: Good idea, Okay here is what it says "There are 6 ores Jade, Amethyst, Garnet, Peridot, Diamond, and Topaz. Find all of them in the 6 levels and in the 7th level join them together near "The Stone of Beauty" to complete the game. Watch out for the spikes, endless pits, or the monster Yushi Zeni.

Rocky: Okay I think we're ready. *Opens up game*

Marshall: I can't wait!

Zuma: 'Neithew' can I!

Chase: Oh wait I forgot one part "This game is also 6 players."

Rubble: Woohoo! All of us can play.

Skye: I'm gonna love this.

Rocky: Okay time to play *Pushes play button.*

After a few minutes, they get the game on, and start playing it.

Rubble: Oh I know this song "Go Do" by "Jónsi." (Lyrics here! [1]

Chase: I have to admit it is pretty catchy.

Zuma: Yeah I'm digging it!

Rubble: Hey, that's my line!

All: *Laughs.*

A few minutes later

Rocky: Uh, What just happened?

Marshall: I think the music is playing in reverse!

It sounded like this:

"esion etihw hsiw uoY .sremmurd ysion esaelaer dluow ecnelis hsiw uoY"

Chase: Well, now it makes it even harder for me to understand the words!

Rubble: Well, He is from Mosfellsbær, Iceland and his real name is Jón Þór

Zuma: H-How do you know so much about him

Rubble: I listen to Jónsi all the ti- OW! Did that music just get louder?!

Chase: Yea I think so. OW!

Marshall: Well at least OW! we found the Jade, Amethyst, and Garnet.

Rocky: Phew It's over. Okay back to trying to get the ores

To Be Continued!

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