Chapter 1: Alone

*This is a story collab between BluePupBuddy and Snowdrop477. This story was inspired by the TV show "The Giver". We only own the ideas for the story and OC pup characters. All PAW Patrol characters, places, etc belong to Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., SpinMasters, and Viacom. PAW Patrol All Rights Reserved.*

Alone: all the pups in the city where All to listen to the rules of all the older pups there where no emotions or and expressed felling words but one pup one day said to him self why did the all the older pups make the rules and the other pups listen to them plus i am seeing things i'm not use to but I really feel alone does anyone else think as I do he says to himself... Oh! Hi phiona. Phiona: hi Jonas what r u doing under the tree ? Jonas: just thinking. phiona: what r ya thinking about ? Jonas: oh nothing .... So what u up too? Phiona: um ok ??? Then well I was just gonna tell u the the adult pups are waiting for u at the home base and need to speak wit you. Jonas: well bye then.. Adult pup: well Jonas nice seeing u here do u think u can keep a secret??? Jonas: why yes what is it? Adult pup: would u like to be the receiver ..? Jonas: why yes. Adult pup: well go on your way.. Jonas: I feel so odd and I think that in alone and this whole society is messed up he thinks to him self. Am I the only one???????.............. To be continued..!

Next Chapter: Pups and the Given: Chapter 2: The Knowing

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