When Ryder says there's no such thing as ghost he then finds himself as a ghost with no way to be cured only his a ghost pup. Now, can the pups help Ryder find a way to be a boy again. Or will Ryder be a ghost FOREVER.










Mayor Goodway





Story Edit

( Title card with Ryder and Alex on it)

Alex: Pups and the Ghost Pup

( The episode star with Ryder in his bed saying.)

Ryder: There's no such thing as ghost.

( Then when he was asleep a ghost deceid to tuner Ryder into a ghost)

( When Ryder woke up he couldn't see himself in the mirror.)

Ryder: Wait what happened last night. Paw Patrol to the Lookout.

Pups: Ryder needs us.

Skye: Where's Marshall?

Marshall: Lookout.

Pups Of.

Marshall: Sorry.

( Later)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir.

Zuma: Uh where's Ryder.

Ryder: Pups you can't see me I'm right here.

Zuma: I'm getting spooky out let's just get out of here.

Ryder: Zuma.

Zuma: Ryder is that you. I hear you but I can't see you. Are you a ghost.

Ryder: Yes I'm a ghost. I need help.

Zuma: Don't worry Ryder. No job is to big, no pup is to small. Paw Patrol to Lookout.

( Later)

Chase: Paw Patrol, Ready for action Zuma sir.

Zuma: Okay paw patrol we have a emergency. We have to help Ryder.

Chase: But where is he.

Zuma: He got turned into a ghost pup look.

Pups: (Gasps)

Zuma: I'm going to need all paws on deck. Alright Paw Patrol is on a roll.


Katie,Alex, Mr. Porter, and Mayor Good way: We heard everything.

Rubble: But what about everyone else.

Zuma: They're still asleep.

Rubble: Oh.

Zuma: Katie, can you tell us what turned Ryder into a ghost.

Katie: I'm sorry to say this, but no I don't know what turned Ryder into a ghost. But maybe my mom knows come on let's go to my house.

(One drive later)

Katie: Mom. Mom . You here.

Gal: Yeah. I am here.

Katie: We need a favor because Ryder got turned to a ghost pup and we don't know what did it. So,we came to you.

Gal: Well let me see here. Oh hmm . Yap, that it. Huh what but how?

Sal: Hey honey. What.

Katie: Mom,Dad. What are you guys talking about?

Sal: Should we tell her.

Gal: Yes.

Sal: Katie, remember what to my mom.

Katie: Yeah, why.

Sal: She came back to hurt us.

Katie: WHAT?

To be coutined.

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