It was a dark and gloomy day at the lookout and none of the pups knew that it was Zuma's birthday, but there would be a dark gift for Zuma.

Zuma: This will be a good day.

Chase: Hey Zuma what's up?

Zuma: Hey Chase, nothing much.

Chase: So what's up with the weather?

Rocky: Hey Chase we're going to play the tickle game, do you want to play?


Zuma: (sighs)

????:I saw your friend ditch you and I heard it's your birthday today am I right?

Zuma: Who are you?

John: I'm John.

Zuma: I'm Zuma.

John: by the way, I have a gift for you.

Zuma: Thanks!(He said opening the gift.)

Zuma: (gasps)

Zuma: It's a feather.

John: Not just any old feather, that's a special tickle feather of dark laughter it's gone be tricky to controll.(Just as he said that the feather began to tickle Zuma's belly.)

Zuma:Hahahahahaha.Stop please.

John: Alright by the laughter of this pup I command giggles and tickles to stop!he said as spider shaped markin appeared on his arm and the feather stopped it's tickly onslot Zuma's belly.

Zuma: Few, what that on your arm?

John: Oh this, it's just my dark sign.

Zuma: Cool.

John: By the way how would you like to become a dark signer?

Zuma: Well what spots are open?

John: The condor sign is only one open right now.

Zuma: I acpect. he said looking at his friends having fun.

John: Then take this card.

to be continuied

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