Pups and the Chamber
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date February 20, 2014
Written by FPGOutlaw.
Directed by FPGOutlaw.
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Valentines Day Special: Pups Save Zuma Pups and the Resort Vacation: Part 1

Hey guys, it’s FPGOutlaw here with another PAW Patrol Fanon story! This time, the pups (only the original 6), and Ryder, are all on their way to the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the WWE Elimination Chamber event (Well, let’s just say the PAW Patrol became WWE fans, just go along with it I guess :P). It is Sunday, 3 PM, the show starts at 7:30. If you have no idea what any of this is, well, sorry about that. This is made by a friend and I because we are excited for EC this Sunday. :D

Now, I will be using my own storyline throughout all my Fanon Stories. In my last story, it was Valentines Day, where Zuma and Rocky almost drowned and stuff, and Chase and Skye are dating now. Go see “Valentines Day Special: Pups Save Zuma”...

Reminder: No editing or posting pictures unless you are me (FPGOutlaw), or an admin who sees fit to edit something out. Comments are fine though :P

NOTE: I did this in like a hour, not a lot of time into it! :P

Dialogue and SynopsisEdit

  • So the pups were all in a tour bus, while Ryder was on his ATV, directing the bus driver to the Target Center. All the pups were excited to see their own favorites in the ring. The match list is for Elimination Chamber:

Zuma: I’m ready to see Titus O’Neil defeat Darren Young tonight. Titus is one of my favorites!

Skye: The Wyatt Family certainly has their hands full with the Shield tonight, that will be exciting!

Rocky: You guys are missing the best part, when Cesaro wins the Elimination Chamber! Even though I like Cesaro, I do not like Swagger, Big E will beat him.

Chase: The New Age Outlaws are gonna retain their Tag Team Titles tonight, I can promise you that!

  • So they arrived at the Target Center, early. No one was there yet, it was only 4 PM.

Ryder: Alright pups, we need to figure out seating arrangements. There will be close to 30,000 people there, so we need to be on our BEST behavior!

Rocky: Well, we know Chase and Skye are gonna sit together, cross them off.

Marshall: How bout this? Marshall, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Chase, Skye, Ryder!

Ryder: Settled, thanks Marshall!

  • So the pups enter the arena, the arena was all set up. The Chamber was hanging high in the balance, for the main event.

Rocky: WOW! This is amazing!

Zuma: Don’t need to say that again “Wocky”. This is an amazing experience!

  • Some time later, you could look over at Skye and Chase, who were making out for some time, until Ryder stopped them. 7:30 rolled around real fast.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our opening contest!

All: Awesome!

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is a tag team match, scheduled for one-fall!

*The Brotherhood’s (Cody Rhodes and Goldust) theme plays.*

Tony Chimel: Introducing first! Of a combined weight of 452 lbs, Cody Rhodes and Goldust!

Zuma: Oh yay! They are amazing competitors!

*Ryback’s theme plays*

Crowd: BOOOOO! You s*ck! You s*ck! You s*ck!

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, of a combined weight of 517 lbs, RybAxel!

Chase: This should be a good match!

  • The match was fairly quick, with RybAxel pulling out with the win.

Crowd: 1! 2! 3! BOO!

*Bell rings 3 times*

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Ryback and Curtis Axel, RybAxel!

Rocky: Wow, Skye is already asleep. HE--

Chase: Pipe down, Rocky!

Rocky: Sorry...

  • The opening sequence for the show goes on, and the first match is announced.

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is for the Intercontinental Championship!

*The Real Americans’ theme plays*

Crowd: YES! YES! Swagger! Swagger! Swagger!

Zuma: Swagger is getting a huge chant, isn’t he supposed to be the bad guy in this situation?

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, the challenger! Accompanied by Zeb Colter, from Perry, Oklahoma, weighed in at 260 lbs, Jack Swagger!

*Big E’s theme plays, and Rocky quietly sings along to it*

Rocky: 3 ain’t enough man I need five!

Tony Chimel: And his opponent. From Tampa Florida, weighed in at 290 lbs, he is the Intercontinental Champion, Big E!

Referee: Ring the bell!

*Bell rings 3 times*

  • Big E had control over most of the match, but Swagger started to make a comeback, which angered Rocky.


Chase: Shut up ROCKY! You just woke Skye up! *Whispers to Skye* It’s OK baby, go back to sleep.

  • Then, Big E taps to the Patriot Lock, and Swagger wins the match!

*Real Americans’ theme again*

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, and the new Intercontinental Champion, Jack Swagger!

  • Ryder’s pup-pad some goes off.

Ryder: Yes? Ryder here.

Triple H: Ryder, it’s Hunter Hearst Helmsley here.

Ryder: I can NOT believe this!

Triple H: We have an issue, and my children know of the PAW Patrol, and Stephanie told me that you were in attendance.

Ryder: What is the Authority’s issue?

Triple H: The chamber controls are broken, we have the parts to fix it, just we don’t know how. I know you are very good with that type of stuff, and we were wondering if you could help us.

Ryder: No job’s too big, no pup’s too small!

  • Ryder slides the Pup-Pad part out with the button that activates all the pups’ collars.

All: Ryder needs us?

Ryder: Yes, pups, let’s go into the concession area.

Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: So you guys will not believe who we are going to help.

Skye: Who?

Ryder: Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the Authority!

All: WHAT?!?! What could they need help with?

Ryder: Well, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are having their match right now, and the chamber match is only 4 matches away. If we work fast enough, we could still be able to see the Tag Team Titles match, and the Wyatts Vs. the Shield. The Chamber controls are broken, and we are to fix them.

- Ryder slides his pup-pad over to Rocky’s symbol.

Ryder: Rocky. I’ll need you and your pincers, to safely help repair the machine that controls the chamber’s movement.

Ryder: Green means Go!

  • Ryder slides his pup-pad to Chase’s symbol.

Ryder: Chase. I’ll need you and your megaphone to help clear a path to the backstage area.

Chase: These paws uphold the laws!

Ryder: The rest of you, go enjoy the show! PAW Patrol is on a roll!

  • The screen changes with Chase’s badge.

Chase: PAW Patrol emergency, move out of our way!

Boy: OH MY GOD! It’s the PAW PATROL!

Rocky: Sorry, we must keep moving.

  • Soon, Rocky and Chase make it into the backstage area, and are greeted by John Cena.

John Cena: I feel like you two shouldn’t be back here.

Rocky: Well Mr. Cena, we are supposed to be helping Triple H with the Chamber 


John Cena: I don’t believe you, I’ll go ask him.

  • While Cena is gone, they are greeted by Summer Rae and Fandango.

Chase: Why hello Summer Rae!

Rocky: Oh I’m SO telling Skye this.

Chase: No Rocky!

Fandango: You’re just wannabes. Fandango should be the face of the WWE, you are back here to see me.

Summer Rae: US!

Fandango: Yes, us.

John Cena: I have brought Triple H out here.

Triple H: OH thank god you guys got here.

Chase: Anything for you Mr. H.

Triple H: We need more people like you, and less of Fandango, get out of my face!

  • Fandango leaves.

Triple H: Follow me.

  • Triple H brings them back to the controls, where Stephanie McMahon, Kane, and the Shield (Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins), The Authority, are waiting.

Kane: So to my seeing abilities, it appears as if the control is fixable.

Rocky: *Whispers* Sellout Kane.

Kane: What did you just say to me you mutt?

Chase: Hey! Don’t talk to my friend like that!

Stephanie McMahon: Guys! Guys! Let’s get to the point...

Triple H: Rocky, let’s see your pincers. Then you can help us with this huge problem!

  • Rocky then uses his pincers, to see inside of the control panel on the control module for the chamber movement. Triple H immediately notices that one of the cords is out of place, which Rocky helps fix immediately.
  • Soon after, the chamber module is fixed. During the match of Batista and Alberto Del Rio, the chamber starts to move down, which the crowd erupts in cheering, but it goes back up, and the crowd continues with their BORING! chants.

Triple H: We could not thank you enough, go enjoy the rest of the show!

  • Rocky and Chase return to their seats, and tell Ryder what happened. They then both talk to Skye.

Chase: Yea, we got to meet all of the Authority, John Cena...

Rocky: And Summer Rae, which Chase was hitting on her. *Giggles*

Skye: CHASE!

Chase: Was not!

  • Tony Chimel cuts them off.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

*New Age Outlaw’s theme* Oh you didn’t know? You better call SOMEBODY!

Road Dogg: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. D-Generation-X proudly brings to you, it’s 6-time WWE Tag Team Champions of the World! The “Road Dogg” Jesse James, the “Bad*ss” Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws!

Billy Gunn: And of course if you’re not down with that, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!

Crowd: S*CK IT!

*Usos theme plays, they do their cool entrance*

Tony Chimel: And their opponents, of a combined weight of 479 lbs, Jimmy and Jey, The Usos!

  • The Tag Team match lasts a good 15 minutes, with Billy Gunn winning using the Fame*sser.
  • Skipping along, The Wyatts defeat the Shield, now for the main event.

Tony Chimel: The following contest, is the Elimination Chamber match, scheduled for one-fall!

*The Real Americans’ theme plays*

Tony Chimel: Introducing first. Accompanied by Zeb Colter and the Intercontinental Champion Jack Swagger. From Lucerne, Switzerland, and now residing in the United States of America, weighed in at 232 lbs, Cesaro!

Zeb Colter: Let me see that mic! If you are a Real American, and believe that Cesaro will win the WWE Championship tonight, please rise, put your hand over your heart, and in a loud clear voice say along with us,

Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger, Crowd, Rocky, and Zuma: WE THE PEOPLE!

*Christian and Sheamus make their entrances*

*Daniel Bryan’s music hits*

Crowd and all the pups: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

Chase: *Thinks* I’m still dating Skye. YES! YES! YES!

Tony Chimel: Next, from Aberdeen Washington, weighed in at 210 lbs, Daniel Bryan!

Crowd and all the pups: YES! YES!

*John Cena’s music hits*


Zuma: This crowd is an anti-Cena crowd! :(

  • Just then, Rocky holds up a sign that says “Cena wins? We riot!”

Zuma: Rocky!

Rocky: I do NOT like John Cena, at all.

*Randy Orton’s music hits*

Crowd: Boreton! Boreton! Boreton!

  • So the match goes on, first 2 competitors are Sheamus and Cesaro. Then enters Christian. The match gets very slow paced, until Cesaro hits the Cesaro Swing on Sheamus, the crowd erupts. Chase was paying more attention to Skye than the match.

Ryder: I didn’t pay for your ticket for you to pay attention to Skye, Chase. 

  • He then noticed that Chase and Skye were both sleeping.

Ryder: *Sigh*

  • The match continues, after Cena AND Orton are both eliminated, the crowd ERUPTS for Cesaro to win.

Crowd: Cesaro! Cesaro! We the people, *Clap* *Clap* *Clap, Clap, Clap*!

Zuma: This “cwowd” is amazing!

  • The match goes on for another 20 minutes, the only 3 are Christian, Cesaro, and Daniel Bryan. Soon, Bryan eliminates Christian after a running knee. The crowd is going crazy, as 2 of the bet grapplers in the WWE are going at it in the chamber. Cesaro gets ahold of Bryan for the Swing, but Bryan counters into the YES! Lock, But Cesaro again counters, hits the Neutralizer, and pins Bryan.

Crowd and Rocky: 1! 2! 3!!!!!

Referee: Ring the bell!

Tony Chimel *With a lot of crowd noise*: Here is your winner, and the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Cesaro!

Crowd: We the people! We the People! We the People! We the People!

  • The Pups and Ryder then leave the arena, everyone is in shock with what happened with Cesaro, and how Chase and Rocky got to meet some of the big stars in WWE.

Rocky: I’d say we had fun.

Chase: Couldn’t agree more!

Zuma: I get the most comfortable seat on the bus!

Chase and Skye: No fair, that’s the biggest, Chase and I need that.

Rocky and Marshall: Oh I get it *Giggles*

Chase and Skye: NO! Not like that!

Ryder: Oh pups, we had a good night. Best...Night...Ever!

  • So Skye and Chase slept together on the comfortable seat, which was the biggest, Zuma, Marshall, Rubble, and Rocky, all took their own seats near them.
  • They soon arrived in Adventure Bay, where Chase carried Skye inside.

Rocky: All he pays attention to is Skye these days.

Chase: What Rocky?

Rocky: *Nervously* Nothing Chase.

  • The episode would then end, with all the pups sleeping in the lounge area of the Lookout.

Music: P-P-P-PAW-PAW-PAW Patrol


PAW Patrol:


WWE Superstars and Personel:

Pups In ActionEdit

  • Rocky: Use his pincers to replace the broken cord with a new one.
  • Chase: Use his megaphone to clear a path through the crowd, and then use his flashlight to see the module.

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