"Woo hoo! Snow Daaayyy~!" Rubble barked happily as he zoomed past the rest of the pups on his snowboard, tongue lolling out in delight. Rocky laughed, watching his friend board down the slope. The fresh snow was slowly piling onto Jake's mountain, adding another pillowy layer to the wintery floor. A snowball to the head made Rocky spin around just in time to see Zuma hide down behind a snow fort, chuckling with success. "I'm gonna get you for that, Zuma!" Rocky smiled, rolling up a few snowballs and chucking them at the labrador before catching something in the corner of his eye. A pup he'd never seen around before, she was tan and light brown, with striking blue eyes. He was floored, eyes locked on her and he felt his cheeks starting to burn with the blush that was growing more intense by the second. She was building a Snowman, not noticing the new attention she had acquired from the silver-furred mutt a few feet away from her. Another snowball to the face sent Rocky back from his trance, shaking his head as he turned his attention to Zuma once more. "What's up, dude?" Zuma murmured, looking the direction Rocky had just been staring. "Ooooooohhhh- I seeee~~" "See what?" Rocky blushed, his eyes darting in embarrassment. "Nothing, nothing~~ ....Why don't we go introduce ourselves~?" Zuma grinned, nodding his head towards the husky. "Nnhhhhhh.... Nah... not right now, she looks busy..." Rocky looked at his friend, smiling sheepishly and wagging his tail. "Hey.. Last one to the lodge gets to do tricks to get his Hot Chocolate." "You're on" 

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