Pups and the Adventure in England

By Rockydog13 and Vixiedog


When Germany and Opal come to visit Winter Lani Autumn and Ashes in their dimension, they go exploring at the docks when they run into those poodles again. Still sore at Lani for robbing the pup of her crown at Disneyland and getting them arrested in Toronto they lock the six in a shipping crate which is put on a boat bound for London. Once there the 6 try to contact their parents but cannot so they wander around town when they get separated. The five girls find a orphaned girl named Josie while they help her find a family while Ashes is splashed by mud from a car and collapses from the cold but lucky for him Perdita takes him to her home where he is cared for along with 99 puppies at the Dalmatian Plantation but two questions remain, Will Josie find a family and will Ashes and the others reunite and get home?












The Poodles

Special Guests:

the 101 Dalmatian gang


Loranella, Lawrence and Kit


It all started in Germany's universe. She and Opal were off on a playdate with Lani Autumn Winter and Ashes in their universe. Our story begins with the two packing for the fun trip.

Germany: Are you ready Opal?

Opal: Just a few more things. She puts a tiny bag of kibble,a on the go flashlight a few pup treats and a couple small stuffed animals In a small bag. Never now if you might need them. Okay now let's go

The two run towards the mirror and Germany suddenly stops and Opal bumps into her.

Germany: Let me pack a small backpack.

She runs off and returns with a backpack full with a blanket a few more tiny stuffies another flashlight a bag of pup treats and two small bags of kibble.

Germany: Let's go!

The two run and go through the mirror and go into the other dimension. Germany lainds on her paws while Opal doesn't. They shake the selfs off and look around for Winter, Lani, Autumn and Ashes. Lani runs over to the two.

Lani: Hey guys! Are you ready?

Germany: Yep! We brought bags with us. Were are the others?

Lani: I'll show you! Follow me!

Lani led them to the oak tree where Winter was playing with Lumi and Autumn and Ashes were playing go fish.

Lani: Hey guys our guests are here.

Ashes: Hi Opal!

Winter: Hi Germany nice to see you again.

Germany: Likewise. So what do you guys want to do?

Lani: How about we explore the dock area? I hear a cruise ship and a cargo ship are coming.

Ashes: Yeah let's say hello to everyone!

Autumn: Come on!

The six went to the docks and saw all the people and pups coming off the cruise ship when a not so friendly dog and her pup got off the ship

Mother Poodle: What a lovely cruise. It is a nice change from the cell we stayed in.

Poodle pup: Yes hey look! She sees Lani and the others. She then saw the open shipping container. Mother I got a plan. She shows the bat kite and looks at the six evilly while they are watching the people.

Lani: Wow look at all these people.

Autumn: And all the pups amazing how many come here to our hometown huh? What is that? She pointed to a black shadowy figure in the sky. The poodle pup was flying a bat kite and at that moment Lani and Little Winter froze.

Winter: Ahh! Eagle! She said with tears in her eyes.

Lani: No i i its a bat! She and Winter ran into a open cargo crate and then Ashes, Autumn, Opal and Germany followed them in when it happened.

Poodle pup: This will teach that Lady Wannabe to take my crown and to put us in jail. She closed the cargo container and locked it.

Mother Poodle: She and the others will not enjoy being on this and they will hate being in the dark while the ship sails to London.

The two go off chortling while the others were worrying.

Ashes: Hey the door is locked!

Winter: Crying I don't like this at all! She cried as Autumn and Lani cuddled her.

Germany: Don't worry I got this. She gets out her flashlight and then the feel the crate they are in moving.

Ashes: I think we are being loaded onto the ship!

Indeed he was right and the crate was loaded on the carrier. They tried calling for help but the Cargo Ship blocked the signals with its radio and soon the six were off on a new adventure. Six hours later they all felt the ship stop moving. Through a small peephole they could see crates being moved, and soon their crate was moved.

Opal: On three ram against one side of the crate. One two three!

They all hit the side that didn't have a lock and they escaped.

Germany: Does any pup have and idea where we are?

Ashes; Look a map! Maybe that will help us! I'll go get one.

Ashes ran to get one and soon came back with one. Opal reads the cover and let's out a gasp.

Lani: What is it Opal?

Opal: W-we're in London, England!

Winter: Should we try calling our parents?

Autumn: I vote yes!

All six of them tried to call their parents and ended with no avail.

Autumn: What next?

Germany: We could try searching around in case any one will help us?

Winter: Are you sure we could get lost?

Lani: It's worth a shot.

The six start on their way and soon reached central London. As they walked around Ashes stopped to look at a dog park full of pups and people, he was separated and soon couldn't find the other pups. He started getting nervous and the other pups had just started to notice the absence of the Dalmatian.

Winter: G-guys? Where's Ashes?

Germany: Right behind- Where is Ashes!

Opal: This is bad! Very bad!

Autumn: Let's calm down and try to find a place to stay for the night. That alley way looks good. Points to a alley that doesn't look as dark or mean as the others.

Germany: Let's try it.

The group minus one pup walk down the alley and find a little girl curled up in a ball crying. The pups immediately run over to the girl.

Winter: Are you okay?

The little girl bolts up scared and starts to back away.

Germany: We won't hurt you. What happened and why are you one the street?

Girl: Well my name is Josie and I ran away from my adoptive family because they didn't love me. I found shelter here but before that I hurt my ankle.

All the pups gasp and Germany and Opal take off their backpacks and lay them down. Germany takes out the blanket and wraps it around Josie. The girls then run off and come back with a few cardboard boxes and put their stuff in their and prop up Josie's hurt foot with the backpacks.

Germany: There, I think this should do. Now to find Ashes.

Meanwhile near Carnbary Street, Ashes was alone.

Ashes: W where is everyone? I t thought they were in front of me. He said as at that moment, a red coupe drove in a puddle and it splashed him, making him brown. Ugh! I its cold! I better find them. He walked across the street to the fashion shops and two hours later, the cold made him weak. I I feel tired m maybe I better r rest until I get m my strength back. He collapsed and soon fell asleep as a newspaper fell on top of him next to a shop where at that moment a full grown Dalmatian and her owner came out.

Perdita: What the? She smelled him and lifting the paper...

Anita: What is it Perdy? I is that a Labrador puppy?

Perdita quickly got some water and poured it on his back where the mud washed off showing his white coat.

Anita: Oh! A Dalmatian puppy! She took a towel out of her bag and wrapped him in it and picked him up. The poor thing must be cold and hungry we better take him back quick.

Perdita nodded and they took Ashes back to their house at the Dalmatian Plantation.

Roger: Hello dear have a good time in town today?

Anita: Not now Roger! Nanny quick get a warm bath and a bed ready for this little guy he is cold and tired.

Nanny: Right away. She does these and soon Ashes was his clean self and was tucked into a bed basket where he was wrapped in a red blanket and soon was sleeping unaware of where he was or where the others were.

Roger: Hmm what is this? He motioned to his tag.

Nanny: Hmm looks like a identification tag. She read it. Ashes Disabled Paw Patrol Fire Pup if found return to Adventure Bay Fire House #8, Adventure Bay. California, USA.

Anita: The United States?! How on earth did he get to London?

Roger: I don't know but the poor little guy is tired.

Anita: I better call Adventure Bay right away. She does that while Perdita laid next to him as her mate came.

Pongo: Perdy w what is this?

Perdita: This little guy was on the streets covered in mud. He is really cold and probably scared he is a long way from home. She explained the situation.

Pongo: Ok I will tell our pups to make him feel welcome and I will keep my ears open if there is any news.

He does all of that while Perdita laid next to him to keep him calm and warm while back in town, night was falling and the others were settling in for bed.

Germany: Okay so we all had 1 and a half pup treats and a mouthful of kibble. That leaves us with 5 biscuits and two and a half bags of kibble. That should keep us. Now every one has two stuffed animals? Good now we all cuddle up next to Josie and keep each other warm and cozy.

With that all the pups curl up under a make shift roof. That night it rains and Winter, Lani, and Germany are curled up in the shelter of Josie don't get wet but Autumn and Opal do. But none of the pups notice and sleep on until morning where the others find some thing wrong with their friends.

Germany: Good morning pups! Rise and Shine? She sees Opal and Autumn shivering next to each other. Opal, Autumn wake up!

The rest of the pups and Josie wake up startled.

Opal: sniffs what is it coughs Germany

Germany puts her paw to the two pups foreheads and gasps.

Germany: You two haves colds! Winter, Lani here's the plan. Winter you stay with Autumn and Opal and Lani and I will try to find some fabric or cloth to wrap them up in.

With that the two ran off to search for fabric or cloth and winter stayed behind with Autumn and Opal. Lani and Germany return having hit the jackpot.

Lani: We found this old rug and a silk cloth for Josie and a couple old discard blankets for you two! We are going to the pet store next to see if there is any thing else there! Winter wrap this cloth around Josie's foot and then tuck those two in a nice dry cardboard box with the blankets we will be back soon.

The two run off and soon find a pet store.

Lani: Germany look! A shipping van for dog food, let me see if I can snag a bag.

Germany: Lani wait. Look that man is putting ripped or opened bags to the side when he brings the next load inside we can bring those because they have no meaning!

The two waited and when the delivery man went inside the pups raced to the torn bags and grabbed some. They raced back to the alley with their find.

Germany: Look what we got!

Autumn: What?

Lani: One bag of medium food and two small bags!

Winter: While you guys were gone I peeked around for a bit and gave the man puppy eyes and he gave me money! We can go to the market and buy food for Josie!

Germany: I'll stay here and you two go but don't be long.

Lani and a slightly nervous Winter raced out of the ally and return with three bananas, an apple and four peaches and a pretzel and a strange bottle!

Lani: We got some things for a discount! The peaches were only 25 cents and the medicine was one dollar! It should help Josie's leg!

Germany: We have all we need but what about Ashes?

Meanwhile back at the Dalmatian Plantation....

Ashes: Waking up Yawns W where am I? I need to get back to the others. He tried to go out the door when he felt himself lifting off the ground. Huh? W What the? He saw that he was lifted up by his collar by Pongo when Perdita came in.

Perdita: Good morning what are you doing?

Ashes: I am going back to L l London. He said.

Perdita: You cannot go. You are still very weak from when we found you.

Ashes: B but I need to go back my friends are still there I have to find them.

Perdita: Its ok we will find them what do they look like?

He soon explained what his 5 friends looked like and soon Perdita was preparing to go back to the city with her master to find them while Pongo took him to the barn where he got a surprise.

Ashes: W Where are we going?

Pongo: Perdy and I want you to feel a little less nervous He opened the door and soon he saw 99 sleeping dalmatian puppies.

Ashes: W wow are these all your kids?

Pongo: Not really. He explained how 84 pups were stolen along with their own 15 and how they saved them and made them all a family.

Ashes: Wow. At that moment a pup came to him.

Lucky: Hey you must be the new pup my name is Lucky.

Ashes: Wow my crush's little bro is named Lucky. He soon learned the two luckys had more in common because they both nearly passed away at birth but were lucky to be alive.

Lucky: Wow hey want to see the farm?

Ashes nodded and soon they were seeing the sights while back home after the sun finished setting, the parents were worrying about their children....

Skye: I am getting worried Rocky, Lani and the others are not responding on their tags.

Rocky: Winter should have called or been back by now.

Cinders: Its not like Ashes to be out this late, I hope they are all safe.

Chase: Maybe these two will explain what happened. He brings the two poodles in a net to them.

Skye: You two! What did you do to my daughter?!

Cinders: And my son?!

Chase: And the others?!

Mother Poodle: We will tell you nothing!

Poodle Pup: Yeah!

Rocky: Looked at the two with the same angry look he gave Blizzard that day one of my pups is missing and if anything happens to her and you know anything about how this happened, I will not hold myself back. Now tell me what happened. I will count to 3. 1..... 2.....

Poodle pup: OK We locked them in a shipping crate they are in London!

Chase: OK. You better hope they are ok otherwise the trouble you are in now is just the beginning. He took them to the pound while at the same time Skye, Rocky, and Cinders prepared to pack for London while at the same time ....

Germany: Okay so now that Autumn and Opal don't have colds and Josie's foot is better we should find a loving family for Josie.

Josie: No I am fine. I can live here in the alley.

Germany walks up to Josie and looks her in the eye.

Germany: Josie listen to me. We will and are going to find you a loving, caring family. Okay?

Josie: Okay okay but how about after lunch

Germany: After lunch is fine.

Autumn: Why don't we pack everything up so we have everything.

Winter: I agree that way we won't forget anything.

The rest of the pups agree and the pack Germany and Opal's bag. They packed 5 pup treats, two unopened bags of kibble, ten stuffed animals and a blanket.

Lani: That's everything. Now why don't we have lunch

All the pups sit down and have a full lunch. Then put the bags in a card board box and help Josie up. Once she is standing they group walks out of the ally and around the corner.

Winter: Let's try the market there were lot's of nice people there when Lani and I went for food. Maybe one of them will want you.

Lani: Come one follow us!

The group with Lani and Winter leading arrive at the market and look around.

Opal:This place is amazing!

Autumn: It sure is.

Lani: Now to find a person who will want her.

They ask around but nobody has the room for Josie at their house.

Germany; Let's go out further. Maybe people will have room for Josie there.

The group walks out further were it is a bit more country then in central London.

Josie: Girls let's just go back to the alley and I can live there. No problem!

Opal: We can keep walking for a few more hours and see what we find. Now we also need to find Ashes.

They kept walking until they reached the Dalmatian Plantation.

Autumn: Wow i is it just me or am I seeing spots?

Germany: What the?!

They see all 100 Dalmatians.

Autumn: Sniffs Ashes is here I can smell him.

Josie: Yes with about 100 other puppies.

Lani: Wait a minute this is the home of the 101 Dalmatians!

Winter: Wow I never thought I would see it.

Opal: Now how will we find Ashes?

Germany: We ask around! And look for a pup with gray above his nose.

The pups started searching but they ended with no avail.

Autumn: Did we check the barn?

Opal: Check

Autumn: Silo?

Germany: Check

Autumn: Feeding trough?

Lani: Check

Autumn: Fields

Winter: Check

Germany: How about go up to that house and knock. If Ashes is in there he will recognize us

The group with Josie walk up the path and to the front porch of the house. Germany knocks on the door and some one opens.

Nanny: Hello? She looks and sees them. Aw hehe are you pups here to see someone?

Josie: These pups are looking for their friend Ashes,

Nanny: Ashes does he have a patch of gray spots on his nose to look like Ash and does he have hearing aides.

Josie: Yes! that is him!

Anita: Nanny who is it?

Nanny: It is a little girl and 5 pups.

Anita: Came to the door Oh hello come in. The 6 go in and sit down when Perdita came in.

Winter: H hello she said shyly.

Perdita: Hello do not be scared I am nice. She went down to the pups level.

Lani: Do you know where Ashes is?

Pongo: Coming in He is watching TV with Lucky.

Autumn: Lucky?! Oh no don't tell me he snuck out with us!

Pongo: Huh?

Lucky: Coming in Lucky is the name of her little brother dad.

Ashes: Came in behind him Hey guys.

Autumn: and the others: Ashes! They all hug him.

Ashes: W who is this?

Josie: My name is Josie. she rubbed behind his ears.

Germany: After you separated from us we found her and took care of her.

Opal: We are also trying to find her a home.

Ashes: hm maybe the farms up the road I think they would love her.

Winter: Maybe she looked scared.

Ashes: Don't worry the animals will not step on you.

Winter calmed down and soon they all had lunch with 101 other pups.

Ashes: mmm this is good

Patch: Thanks hey are you heroes? He looked at their tags.

Ashes: Kind of we are paw patrol pups.

Two-Tone: Paw Patrol?

Lani: Yeah back home we are part of a group of pups which help our community.

Patch: Cool hey guys what are you doing?

Josie: Were going to go look at that house you told us about.

Patch/Lucky: Good luck!

The group now with Ashes walk down the path way towards the house. Josie knocks on the door.

?????: Coming!

A lady opens the door and a man appears behind her.

????: Oh Lawrence look! A girl and some pups. Do come in!

The lady and " Lawrence " usher them inside and into the living room.

?????: My name is Loranella, this is my husband, Lawrence and our baby, Kit, is upstairs napping. So who are you?

Lani: i'm Lani.

Winter; My name is Winter

Germany: I am Germany

Opal: I'm Opal

Autumn: My name is Autumn.

Ashes: I-I am Ashes

Loranella: So who is the little girl?

Josie: I am Josie.

Lawrence: Where do you live Josie?

Josie: Well I don't really have a home.

Loranella: Oh my! Then you can stay with us and live here!

Josie: Really truly?

Loranella: Why yes. You may

Josie: Can I call you Mama?

Loranella: Yes and you can call Lawrence Papa.

Josie jumps up and hugs them both.

Germany: We should get going back to the plantation.

Josie: I hope you can find your way back home!

All: Bye!

The group leaves now that Josie has a home and return to Dalmatian Plantation where a surprise awaits them.

Ashes: Yawns I am so tired. he looked at the others who were sleepy too.

They went into the barn and fell asleep with the other pups while in the middle of the night they were moved into the house and were tucked in on the couch and the next morning...

Lani: hmm what? Why are we in the house I thought we gasp! She saw her Mom Dad, Rocky and Cinders Asleep on the rug in front of them. Mom, Dad! She leaped onto Chase's back.

Chase: Oh Lani! Are you ok?

Skye: We were so scared. When we learned what those poodles did we came over.

Lani: I am glad. We had quite a adventure. As she told them Little Winter and Opal woke up.

Opal: Oh! Winter look its your dad.

Winter: Huh? She was just waking up but when she saw him.. Daddy! She got off the couch and nuzzled against Rocky's cheek.

Rocky: Huh Oh Winter! he hugged his little girl and licked her forehead.

As the four pups and three grown ups ate breakfast Ashes felt a warm nose on him.

Ashes: What is it Perdy? He woke up but it was not Perdita but his mom. Mom?!

Cinders: Oh Son you are ok! She hugs her son and the two go to the kitchen where Germany and the others were.

Germany: They came last night and tucked us in.

Skye well you did look cold.

Lani: Those poodles did this? She asked as her parents told them what happened?

Chase: Yes we locked them in our pound they will be back in Toronto when we get back.

Rocky: Your siblings and Mom will be happy to see you and Ace.

Winter: I know.

Ashes: There is someone we want you to meet first.

Cinders: Ok but after breakfast.

After breakfast they pups lead them down the lane and stopped at Josie's house. They knocked on the door and Loranella with Kit in her arms opened the door.

Loranella: Why pups come in. I'm sure Josie will be excited to see you.

Skye: Who's Josie?

Lani: You'll see mom.

The group walks into the living room where Lawrence is showing Josie pictures of their old house

Loranella: Josie the pups are here.

Josie looks up and runs over to the pups and hugs them.

Josie: It's so good to see you pups! Who are these dogs?

Lani: These are some of our parents.

Skye: So how do you know Josie.

Germany: Oh it's a long story...

Loranella: I'll get some treats and drinks and you can tell us.

She leaves the room and returns with a tray of treats and drinks.

Germany: Well there was a eagle/bat kite and then....

As they eat and drink Germany and the others tell Loranella, Lawrence and their parents all about their adventure. Soon after they all curl up for a morning nap and then went back to London for the flight home. Josie and her new family and Pongo, Perdita and their family took a picture of everyone together in a large group photo. The pups and Josie were in the front and soon it was taken. Everyone gave them a heart felt goodbye as they all boarded the plane for Adventure Bay. As soon as they returned the poodles were sent home and Germany and Kanini went home to their dimension with a copy of the picture and the memories since this would be one adventure that they Ashes Winter Lani and Autumn would not forget.

The End.