Part 1 New characters 



Sensai wu

Mayor good way


Ryder: we need a plan guys Marshall is in big trouble!

Llyod walks In and gives a weird stare

Lloyd: are you gonna introduce me?

Cole: this is Ryder and the paw patrol 

Pups: hi!

Llyod: hi there (winking at Skye.

(Skye smiles)

Jay: alright we could counter attack them!

Zane: no we need   very good plan that won't go wrong

Ryders paw pad rings

Ryder: hi Mayor what do you need..... OH NO

Everyone: what?

Ryder: Katie has been captured!

Ninjas: who's Katie?

Rocky: Ryders girl friend 

Zane: let's save Marshall!

Sensai walks into the room

Sensai: what's going on here

Kai: nothing just helping Ryder with a emergency.

Sensai walks away and nya comes through the door.

Nya: hey guys what's up?

Jay: hi Miss nya. 

Nya: what did I say?

Jay: right! Stay away from you

Jay goes to watch tv

Nya goes In to her room

Lloyd: let's go save people I don't know woo!

Ryder: Chase I need you to get us there fast!

Chase: Chase is on the case. 

Ryder: and Skye for us to find the area. 

Skye: let's take to the sky!

Ryder: alright paw patrol is on a roll! 

Music plays

The ninjas get their  suits and golden weapons and head off to save Marshall 

They arrive there

Jay: oh my this place is huge

Rocky: let's go!

They see a dog trying to get in 

Ryder: who are you

Dog: I'm ben

Everyone: hi Ben 

Ryder: Will you help us save a pup

Ben: of course 

They go into the big scary building to save Marshall and Katie!

Next part they find Alex and Jake there also a cat named shimmer

Cast in,episode

Marshall (mentioned)








Katie (mentioned)







Mayor good way

Benny (New character)

part 3

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