Pups and ninja
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 2/21/14
Written by Me
Directed by Me
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Ryder: pups are you ready to go to ninjago city?

Pups: Yeah lets go! 

(They get in there veichels and drive off) 

Rocky: look at this city isn't it really cool! 

Other pups and Ryder: Yeah!

(They stop at a hotel and get a big room) 

Skye: look its a hot tub (she winks at rocky) 

Rocky: oh no I am not goin in it I don't like getting wet!

Other pups: we know

(Rocky smiles)

Ryder: well pups lets go to bed. 

In the middle of the night they wake up to a scratching noise. 

Ryder: huh who's doing that? 

Pups: none of us.

(Then out of no where a nindroid appears.)

Rubble: ahhh what's that! 

Ryder: I don't know but we should run!

(They get out of the bulding except Marshall who was captured by the monstrous) 

Ryder: where's Marshall! 

Pups: we don't know!

Ryder: pups lets get the ninjas!

(They find a big dojo and see Zane) 

(They run up to Zane) 

Ryder: help Marshall has been kidnapped!

Zane: by who?

Chase: ninjdroids!

Zane: oh no this isn't good get inside!

(They run inside) 

Kai: Jay please stop throwing glasses you could hurt somebody really bad.

Jay: fine but give me my cookie.

Kai: you threw glasses  over a cookie really Jay.

(Jay smiles)

(The pups Ryder and Zane run in and knock over Cole and coffee splashes on him)

Cole: Owww this coffee got in my eyes they're burning help!!!!--

(Zane uses his ice powers to cool Cole down) 

Cole: thanks Zane.

(Zane winks) 

Ryder: alright we need to stop the ninjdroids and save Marshall! 

Will the ninjas save Marshall and save the world? Find out In part 2!













Part 2