In the Mist of Life we have those ones we love and then the ones we lost, We should not be sad but Happy that we knew them and that one Day we will see them again.-Takota

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In the Mist of Summer Trussia Celebrates a something called Rememberance Day. A day devoted to our loved ones and those we lost and that we come to remember them and the love we share. As part of this any and all are welcome to to remember that we may have lost the ones we loved but it is not Forever.

Sadness is real but really only an illusion.-Takota



This Year Rememberance Day will be held in Sea Side, a New town built between Adventure Bay and Foggy Bottom in Trussias New Peace Era.












Chapter Smoky's Sadness Edit

It was a dark time in Adventure bay as it was raining solid for over two weeks and all the Pups were bored. There were no mission a and Ryder was unable to make it back home from visiting his Parents because of the weather.

Taktoa: Hi Smoky want to play?

Smoky: No, I am to depressed! This weather reminds me of! (Start tearing up)

Takota: What is it buddy!?

Smoky: It is just, this weather depresses me! I lost my parents durinf a earth quake! It also reminds me when I lost my brother Rocky! (Crying)

Takota: Smoky, Smoky, calm down! Come her buddy! ( Hugs Smoky)

Chapter 2 Edit

Chapter 3 Edit

Chapter 4 Edit

Chapter 5 Edit

Coming Soon.

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