Pups and alex
Season 1, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date 2/5/14
Written by Sway sway
Directed by Sway sway
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Captain Turbot

It starts with Jay on the title card saying the title

The ninjas and pups were watching Apollo

Rubble: Apollo can do anything

Kai: Yeah right

Chase: He can

Ryder: Who wants to play football?

Kai, Jay, Chase, Rocky, Skye, and Zuma went outside Marshall and Rubble stayed inside.

Marshall: Apollo is the best.

Meanwhile Ryders phone rings

Ryder: Hello?

Captain Turbot: Ryder. the lighthouse stairs are cracked I need help fast!

Ryder: well be there no job is to big no pup is to small! Paw patrol to the look out!

Pups: Ryder needs us

Marshall hits everyone in the elevator

Jay: I understand you're clumsy but this is ridiculous.

Everyone laughs

Chase: reporting for duty Ryder sir!

Ryder: Alex why you here? Anyways captain turbot stairs are broke we need to help!

Ryder: Skye we need you to bring the new stairs. Chase we need you to use you're light to help us see. Rubble we need you to put new stairs in. Rocky we need you to bring them in. Zuma we need you to help bring some pups over and Marshall if the bottom of the stairs are broken we can go to the top! Paw patrol is on roll!

Alex: I can help too.

Alex: Skye can I come with you?

Skye: sure if it's ok with Ryder!

Ryder says yes

Alex hops In with Skye 

Rocky: Skye use you're crane thing to bring me over

Skye lowers her cable and Rocky gets on

Zuma takes Marshall and Rubble and Ryder took Chase

Kai and Jay got there by Kaigetting in jays ship from the nunchucks.

They get there

Alex helps put in the stairs and bring them in

Marshall helps them to the top

Chase uses his light

Captain Turbot : thanks paw patrol and ninja!

All; no problem

Ryder: you all deserve treats and play time at the park!

Everyone runs to the park 

Ryder: you've been good pups and ninja!

The pups get they're treats and the ninjas get cookies

They start playing soccer

Kai: pass it Ryder!

Jay: interception!

Rocky: nope!

Pa pa pa paw patrol


This is Captain Turbots debute episode

Lloyd Zane and Cole were not in this episode 

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