It was a great morning, the sky is clear, no clouds in sight. A perfect day to do ANYTHING.

Rocky: MARSHALL!!!! TURN OFF YOUR HOSE! Stop getting me wet!!!

Marshall: Ha ha ha ha! You better stop me then!

Splash: *Is reading the 2014 Guinness Book Of World Records.*


Rocky: Uh oh. *Slows down.*

Splash: *Looks up.* Huh? *Squints because of the sun in her eyes* Marshall?

Marshall: *Trips over Splash.* Splaaaaaash!

Splash: *Feels pain and wetness.* Owwww.... *Looks up* My book!

Splash: *Leaps up.* My world records book! Aw, Marshall, you got it wet!

Marshall: Rawrf! Hose off! Sorry about that, Splash. Rocky was chasing me.

Splash: It's okay. *Walks into the lookout.

Change scene: inside the Lookout where Ryder is. Splash's badge.

Splash: Ryder?...

Ryder: Yeah, Splash?

Splash: Can I set a world record of eating the most bacon strips?

Ryder: Gosh, Splash. You sure?

Splash: Yes!

Ryder: *Takes out pup-pad.* PAW Patrol to the Lookout!

Pups: Ryder needs us!

When they arrive...

Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: This is no emergency, but... Splash is going to set a world record of eating the most bacon strips!

Pups: *Gasps.*

Zuma: But Splash... Won't you get a little chubby? I mean, no offense, though.

Splash: They have digestion pills... I'll be fine...

Ryder: All paws on deck! Alright! PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Change scene: To the World Record Center: Main PAW Patrol badge.

Manager: Ryder, we got the bacon ready. Splash, if you can eat more than 116 strips of bacon you can get the World Record Trophy and be in our book. You ready?

Splash: Y-Yes.

Manager: Ready. Set. Go!!!!

Splash: *Starts eating*

Next day...

Pups and Ryder wakes up.

Manager looks surprised.

Ryder: How many slices of bacon has Splash eaten so far?

Manager: 287.

After Splash ate her 288th slice...

Splash: Ugh...... I'm stuffed....

Manager: 288... You win the Trophy Splash!

Splash: *Drinks her pill with water.* Thank you...

Pups: Wahoooo!!

Change scene to the Lookout: Splash's badge.

Next month...

Rocky: Here's the new book!

Zuma: Splash: Thewe you awe!

Splash: Wow! I look fat.

The end.

Sorry for caps.

The World Record is actually 182 strips in 5 minutes by a man named Matt Stonie.

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