Chase: Pups Save a a Shamu!

The pups are at the beach.

Zuma: This is going to be great!

Sidney: Yep!'s Tranforming Time! ( He turns into a scottland terrier) Woof!

Chase: Sidney, you're creeping me out!

Sidney: Sorry.

Skye hears a whale.

Skye: Pups! I hear a whale!

Sidney: Shamu!

All except Sidney: NO!

Sidney: Aw. :(

An orca pops up with a pirate ship.

Sidney: Told you it was Shamu! And his crew too!

All: -_- 

????: Hey! * coughs*

All: Ah!!!!!!

????: I'm Shamu.

All: Hi.

Shamu: These are my friends.* Two sea lions, two other whales, a otter, a dolphin, a warlus,a pelican,  a midget pirate with a parrot walk out, and two penguins walk out.*

Shamu: The baby is Baby Shamu, the other whale is Believe, the dolphin is Dolly, the sea lion with a tatoo and a LA hat is Clyde, the sea lion with sun glasses is Seamore. He's Clyde's older brother. The warlus is Winston. He likes people who are not his friends to call him Sir Winston. The pelican is Virgil, and the midget-

????: I'm not a midget!

Shamu:Yes you are. He is Cap'n Kid. His parrot is Chester.The penguin with a scarf is Polly. The penguin next to her is Pete, her twin brother.

Zuma:* Walks to Dolly* Why, hello Dolly!

Seamore: Grrr.

Zuma: What?

Seamore wants to kick Zuma.

Ryder: * ituerdues the pups to Shamu and his friends.*

Shamu: You save this town?

Tundra: Yep!

Shamu: Well, can you fix my flipper? I got attacked by ice fishers!


( Part 2 coming soon!) 

Trivia ___________________________________

  • Zuma has a crush on Dolly Dolphin since he was hitting on her,which makes Seamore jealous.
  • This is a crossover with PAW Patrol and SeaWorld.
  • Believe isn't in Shamu and His Crew, but I wanted to put her there, making Shamu have a crush.
  • Sidney finally transforms in front of the pups.

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