Ryder,Kate, and the pups were all happy that Ryder didn't closed the paw patrol.

Alex: Hey Ryder.

Ryder: Ah . Oh it's just you Alex.

Alex: I'm glad that your not going to close the paw patrol ,but I thought you were going to close it down.

Ryder: Yeah I was going to, but I think I made the right decision.

Everyone was happy to see that the paw patrol wasn't going to be closed so the pups, Alex, Kate, and Ryder sing a song.

Ryder: I love to dig I love to bark. Play in the mud and run around the park.

Ryder and Alex: Wig my tail bare a bone. Sweep up your feet when I get home.

Ryder: But if you need help.

Alex: Emergency.

Both: You can call on me. Yeah you can call me. You can call on me. Let me head your pup howl.

Pups: Aroo.

Both: Everybody yip. YIP YIP. Put your paws put them up now let me head your pup howl.

Everyone: Aroo.

The end.

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