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A plumber comes to Adventure Bay by a mysterious portal and Ryder and the pups must help him for take him back to home.


  • Ryder
  • Chase
  • Marshall (Cameo)
  • Skye (Cameo)
  • Rocky (Cameo)
  • Zuma (Cameo)
  • Rubble (Cameo)
  • Jon
  • Luigi
  • Mr. Porter


One night, a mysterious portal appears in Adventure Bay which comes out a green plumber from a unknown land which wondering where is he. On the next morning it comes a beagle pup named Jon who is walking very gently until he founds the mysterious plumber, he asks him.

  • Jon: Who are you?
  • Luigi: My name is Luigi.

The pup is very surprised that couldn't believe his eyes. The plumber is from his favorite videogames!!

  • Jon: I can't believe it's you Luigi!
  • Luigi: Of course am I.
  • Jon: Unbelieveable!, a videogame character on real life! So, what are you doing on Adventure Bay?
  • Luigi: I'm lost, could you help me find my way home?
  • Jon: Sure!, I will be glad to help you.
  • Luigi: Thanks!, but I need to tell you something, I'm hungry. Do you know where can I eat?
  • Jon: Yeah, follow me!

Jon takes Luigi to Mr. Porter's restaurant.

  • Jon: Hi Mr. Porter!
  • Mr. Porter: Hello Jon!, who is your friend?
  • Jon: This is Luigi, he's lost and i'm helping him to take him back to home.
  • Luigi: Nice to meet you!, do you have any food?
  • Mr. Porter: You're hungry, right?
  • Luigi: Yeah.
  • Mr. Porter: Don't worry, i'm gonna make you a pizza. And Jon.
  • Jon: Yes?
  • Mr. Porter: Looks like we need Ryder and the PAW Patrol for they can help him.
  • Jon: Ok, but what are the PAW Patrol?
  • Mr. Porter: Just wait and see...

Mr. Porter calls Ryder.

  • Ryder: Hello, Ryder here!
  • Mr. Porter: Hi Ryder!, I need your help, a plumber got lost and he needs to go find his home. Can you help him?
  • Ryder: Sure, No job is to big, no pup is too small!

Ryder calls all the pups.

  • Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the lookout!
  • All Pups: Ryder needs us!

All pups headed to the lookout.

  • Chase: Ready for action Ryder, sir!
  • Ryder: Pups, we have an urgent mission. A mysterious plumber came out from somewhere else directly to Adventure Bay and he wants to find his way home. Chase, I need you to investigate on which place came out.
  • Chase: Chase is on the case, Ryder sir!
  • Ryder: All right, PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Chase & Ryder goes directly to Mr. Porter's restaurant.

  • Mr. Porter: Thanks for coming so soon Ryder.
  • Ryder: No problem Mr. Porter, now let's take this plumber to his back way home.
  • Luigi: Thanks!
  • Jon: Can I help too?
  • Ryder: Sure you can help too!
  • Jon: Thanks, by the way my name is Jon.
  • Ryder: Ok. Chase, you and Jon make some tracking from where he came from.
  • Chase: All right Ryder!
  • Jon: Okey-Dokey!

Ryder and the pups investigate where it came the plumber.

  • Jon: Ryder, over here!
  • Ryder: What is it?
  • Jon: I think that he came out here.
  • Chase: I guess you're right.
  • Ryder: I'm having the feeling that he came out from a portal.
  • Jon: Now what are we gonna do?
  • Ryder: Mmm, I know!. Maybe if we make a portal, we can send him back to home.
  • Chase: Good Idea Ryder!
  • Jon: Yeah!
  • Ryder: We better make it at once.

1 hour later

  • Chase: It's everything ready Ryder!
  • Ryder: Great, hope it works.

The portal opens again.

  • Jon: We did it!
  • Chase: Yeah!
  • Ryder: Ok, now you can go back to home.
  • Luigi: Thanks for helping Ryder and you too pups!
  • Ryder: Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!
  • Luigi: I will!
  • Jon: Hope see you soon again.
  • Luigi: You know, I will gave you my hat for helping me.
  • Jon: Thank You!
  • Luigi: You're Welcome, well I gotta go, bye!
  • All: Bye!

The plumber goes back to home

  • Jon: That was really an adventure.
  • Chase: Yep!
  • Ryder: Jon.
  • Jon: Yes.
  • Ryder: For helping someone, I declare you oficially a brand new member of the PAW Patrol!
  • Jon: Cool!
  • Chase: Welcome to the team!
  • Jon: Thanks, can't wait to do another adventure!

The End

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