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Tilte card


It is Hallowean and the pups are so excited. Mayor Goodway and Chickenletta are spooked out because Dice is dressed as a pumpkin. But there's a cow in the boat in the Bay! Will the the PAW Patrol get the cow?


  • Fran has a crush on Elisa.


Ryder:What are you wearing Katie?

Katie: I'm wearing a pirate costume. Cali didn't want to wear hers. So what are you wearing?

Ryder: Same thing last year.

Zuma: There's a cow in a boat in the bay!

Ryder:Ha Ha.

Zuma;No, Literately. Look!

[Ryder rushes over near the ship.}

Ryder:Oh no. But I thought of;

  • Dance-all-day Monday.
  • Sleep-all-day Tuesday
  • Relax-at-work Wedsnesday.

Cool right?


Skye:OK Chase? Because I can be Super-Skye!

Marshall:Waterpup Hero!

Rocky: Oh no.

Rubble:Super Super super...... Digger!


Fran:Oh. Hi Rocky.

[They spud.]

Zuma;Hey Fran, You'r girlfriend..........

Fran:Oh la la.....

Fran: Hi Elisa....

Dice:I smell; LOVE!

Elisa: Okay....... Hi Fran.

[Ryder's phone calls]

Ryder:Hi.. Bettina?


Ryder:On the bay? PAW Patrol is on it. PAW Patrol to the lookout!

Marshall,Chase,Fran and Dice:Ryder calling!

Dice; Race you.

All: Let's go!

[They get to the lookout, get changed and they are ready for action.]

Ryder: Pups-

Dice; Kids!

Ryder; and Kids we got an emergency. There's a cow in a boat in the Bay

[Song:Let's Go!]

Marshall: Random.....

Ryder; Zuma I need you to help me to the Cow back to bay.

Zuma; Ready, Set, Get Wet!

Rubble; Too many has-tags in this world.

Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Zuma: Bye!

[Zuma and Ryder are at the bay]

Ryder: Let's go.

Zuma: There's Bettina!

Ryder: To hevey. I need Rocky.

Rocky; What's up?

Ryder:I need you and your wood to bulid a cart that can go on water.

Rocky: On it!

Rocky: I'm back!

Zuma: Tie it to my hovvercraft.

[Rocky ties it to the hovvercraft.]

Bettina: Moooooooooooooooooo

[Bettina hops on]

Ryder; Let's go.

[Back on land]

Farmer Yumi; You found her! 

Ryder: Sure did. Bye!

[At the Lookout]

Ryder: Playtime!

Elisa: Hip Hip- Ah! Spider!

[Outro song]

The End!

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