Ryder : Ready Set Go.

(The pups start to score 3-0 then 3-2 after that they have 11-6 after One They Scored 21-9)

Cap'n Turbot : End of 1! (Whistles)

Ryder : The Foggy Bottom. Lose the 1. 21-9

Cap'n Turbot : Start of 2.

(Marshall shoots the ball then foul by Foggy Bottom Then Scores +1 24-12 Then 27-16 But the only bad is the cheat of there team met then 39-21 At the End of 2. They Scored 54-30)

Cap'n Turbot : End of 2.

Rocky : Want Some Peanut Dispenser?

Cap'n Turbot : Start of 3.

(Ryder shoot all to score 79-59)

(Ryder start the 4th they out run but 85-85 but Marshall Won It! 88-85)

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