Zack: Here we are Quack Adventure bay.

Quack; Quack!

Zack;Hey, there's the Lookout! Let's Go!

[They are at the lookout]

Marshall: Who are you?

Zack:Zack. And there's Quack.

Quack; Quack!

Ryder: Hey!

Zack: Hey!

Marshall; Grab you're partner and do your thing, it's tail spin!

[Spins and crashs]

Zuma: Or smash your head..

[[[Thx Farrigold]] and Gang come on over]

Duh duh duh......

[Thx tries to take Ryder's pup-pad but he gets it.]

Ryder:Oi! Get your mits of that stuff!!!!

Zuma: Yeah! Shoo! Shoo!


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