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This is a Crossover episode where the PAW Patrol meets Team Umizoomi.



When the PAW Patrol goes on vacation to Umi City, they meet Team Umizoomi, after they rescued Rocky from Umi River. Chase lets his feeling get the best of him and gets jealous of rest of the pups playing with the team all the time. However, this causes him to become bait in a trap for Team Umizoomi, set up by The Troublemakers, one of Team Umizoomi's arch-nemeses. Now he and Team Umizoomi are trapped in the pit of sticky mud, and if they don't get out soon, they'll sink into the mud and will never be seen again. Can the rest of the PAW Patrol save them?



Pups in actionEdit

  • Rocky: use something that repels sticky mud
  • Zuma: use his buoy to save their friends
  • Marshall: wash-off the sticky mud
  • Skye: find Chase and Team Umizoomi
  • Rubble: find something to cover the sticky mud pit

PAW SkillsEdit

Math SkillsEdit

  • Shape Idenification

Town SkillsEdit

  • Cities

Lend a PAW SkillsEdit

  • Don't let your emotions get the best of you
  • Be careful about who you trust


  • PAW Patrol crosses over with Team Umizoomi.