Chapter 1:

It was a nice summer day until. 

Skye: Huh. It's snowing in summer.

Chase: We have to tell Ryder about this.

When they got to the lookout. 

Pups: Ryder Ryder Ryder.

Ryder: What's wrong pups.

Marshall: It's snowing in summer.

Ryder: What.

Chapter 2:

When he saw what they he was shoked.

Ryder: How can this be.

Then Katie and Alex come into the lookout. 

Alex: I think I know what's going on Ryder.

Everyone but Alex and Katie: SAY WHAT.

Katie: Cause my mom is a merpup and she needs help.

Everyone: (Gaps).

Alex: That why we're here.

Ryder: Where is she.

Katie: In the bay.

Zuma: Let's go save her. Oh we can't the bay is ice.

Everest: I'll get you in the bay as fast as i can.

Zuma: Thanks Everest. 

Chapter 3. 

Larter at the bay

Zuma: Okay Everest I'm ready to dive in.

Everest: Okay.

Larter in the bay.

Zuma: Wow. Where's she. There she is.

Katie's mom: Help me.

Zuma: I'm here to help you.

Katie's mom: Thanks Zuma.

Once she was save they want back land.

Katie: Mom. Your okay. Thanks you so much Zuma.

Zuma:  Your welcome Katie. Whenever your in trouble just yelp for help.

Ryder: Hey. That's my line.

Everyone: Hahahahah.

Ryder: Tell us why it's snowing here.

Katie's mom: Oh that. You see it my mecin.

Katie: The snow make what did you do this time.

Katie's mom: Well it is bronk and if I can  fix it this will stop but I got to find it.

Katie: Great where is it.

Katie's mom: I don't know. 

Everone but Katie's mom: WHAT.

To be counted.

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