This is my first time writing a script. I am going to write many more, but it will be better with more experience

Pups Save MarshallEdit

Marshall on the title card

Marshall: Pups Save Marshall

Open in on Marshall and Rocky play fighting

Marshall: I'm going to beat you

Rocky: No you're not

(Marshall's collar falls off)

(No one notices)

(Rocky pins Marshall)

Rocky: Beat you

Marshall: I'm going to explore, coming

Rocky: No thanks

(Marshall goes to the beach)

(Rocky picks up Marshall collar, but doesn't know it's his)

Rocky: Why Trash it, when you can stash it

Scene Change Marshall's pup tag

(Marshall is at the beach without his collar)

Animal Shelter Guy: A stray

Marshall tries to run but trips on a crab

(Swoops his net and get Marshall)

(Marshall looks at his neck seeing his collar missing)

Shelter Guy: Next stop, Seal Island

Marshall To self: How do I escape I got it

(Marshall Howls at the mayor)

Mayor notices and calls ryder

Pup Pad rings

Ryder: Ryder here

Mayor Goodway: Ryder, the animal shelter just took Marshall

Ryder: What

Mayor Goodway: He was walking on the beach without his collar then he got him

Ryder: No job is too big, No pup too small

Pups get in the elevator

Zuma: We didn't crash,

Skye: Where's Marshall

(Pups go up)

Ryder: Thanks for coming pups, We have a big emergency, we have to save Marshall. He's been taken by the new animal shelter on seal island.

(Pups Gasp)

Ryder Picks Zuma

Zuma we need your hovercraft to take you and Rocky across the bay

Zuma: Ready, set, get wet

Ryder Picks Rocky

Ryder: Rocky we need you to make something to set Marshall free and we need Marshall's collar

Rocky: Green Means Go

One Vehicle Scene later

Ryder: We made it to seal island, The shelter is on the other side of the island

Ryder, Rocky, and Zuma hear Marshall howl from the Shelter

Ryder knocks on the door

Man: Who is it

Ryder: Ryder

Man: What's your business

Ryder: My pup has been taken, here's his collar

Man: Come in

(Ryder finds Marshall by calling him)

Marshall: I'm so glad to see you

Ryder: Here's your collar

(Cage unlocks)

Marshall jumps on Ryder

One return scene later

(End Song)

Marshall: The Shelter was like a prison

All Laugh

The End