(The PAW patrol are spending a hot day at the beach) (Zuma, Marshall, Skit, and Chase are in the water) (Rubble and Rocky are building a sand castle) (Skye is sun bathing with her sunglasses)

(Rosa, Marissa, and Marie are on vacation) (So is Ocean)

Zuma: (joking) Hey Rocky! Wanna come in the water!

Rocky: Not funny Zuma!

Skye: Goodness it's hot!

Chase: Wanna come swim then?

Skye: Na, I just took a bath. I don't want to smell all salty.

Marshall: I never thought of that!

(He runs out of the water)

Rubble: What a scardey cat!

Marshall: We can do without the name calling thank you very much Rubble! (Mumbles) I prefer scardey bird.

All: Ha ha ha!

Skye: (gets up) Well I'm gonna go to the lemonade stand. 

Zuma: I want a soda!

Skit: Me too!

Chase: Ill have an ice cream! 

Rubble, Rocky, and Marshall: Me too!

Skye: (joking) Chocolate?

All 4: Hey!

(Zuma and Skit laugh)

At the lemonade stand........

Skye: What!? They only sell ice creams in three? Four pups want ice cream!

(A pup in a tie approaches Skye)

Pup: Need some help?

Skye: Yes please.

Pup: Are you buying anything else?

Skye: Two sodas. And a lemonade.

Pup: That's perfect! Go order!

Skye: (unsure) Okay...

Skye: I'd like a--

Man: Uh, not to be rude but, your a puppy....

Pup: We have money.

Man: How can I help you?

Skye: Four ice creams please!

Man: Sorry you'll have to order six.

Pup: Instead of two more ice creams, well take two sodas! And a lemonade!

Skye: Yep!

Pup: Perfect for purchase!

Later at a table........

Skye: Nice to meet you Honey!

Honey: You too Skye.

Skye: Is the tie case your so good at price.

Honey: No. I just like ties.

Skye: I wouldn't be surprised if you became our new business pup! 

Honey: Well, I'm a traveler. I don't want an owner.

Skye: That's okay. Well I better get these to my friends before they melt.

Honey: Need help carrying?

(She puts 3 ice creams on her back)

Skye: Your the best! 

(Skye takes the last one and the sodas, she's done with her lemonade)

Honey: Actually, I just want to tag along.

Skye: Hahaha!

At the beach.......

(Skye has already introduced Honey)

(The pups really like her and know she'll be help)

Zuma: Please be in the Paw Patrol!

Rubble: I don't see a collar!

Skit: Let's meet Ryder!

(The pulls her)

Honey: Please slow down guys!

At the lookout.......

Ryder: We could use a business pup! Lots of people want to buy houses here! What do you say?

Honey: I don't know. I love to travel.

Ryder: You can take vacations. And there's so much to explore here.

Pups: Yeah!

Honey: Well, I'm in!

Pups: *howl*

(Ryder is about to put on her collar)

Honey: STOP!!!!!

Pups: *gasp*

(She runs out of the lookout)

Skye: Ill go talk to her.


(Honey is lying down with her paws over her face)

Skye: Honey?

(Honey sees her and runs off)

Skye: Come back!

(Her and the rest chase her)

At city hall.......

(Honey is on top of the building)

Ryder: Honey get down!

Honey: No! EEEKKK! 

(She slips and is hanging on the edge)

Marshall: No!

(They leave)

Honey: (sarcastically) Well thanks for helping!


Honey: (still hanging on) Help! Help!

Mayor: *gasp* Dont worry! Ill call the--

(Marshall and the rest pull up)

Mayor: There here!

Marshall: (pushes his ladder button and starts to climb it) Honey! Take my hand!

Honey: O-Okay!

(She tries to grab him)

Marshall: Whoah!

(He falls down the ladder)

Honey:(Lets go) AAAAAAHHHHH!

Marshall: I got it!

(He catches her)

Honey: That's one way to save me.

Marshall: Hehe.

Chase: (to Skye) If she flirts when Marie comes back, she's a goner.

Honey: Hey! I don't love him! I'm offended!

Marshall: Me too!

Chase: Sorry...

Ryder: Sorry if we were to suddle Honey.

Honey: No, I'm sorry for freaking out. But I want to help like you guys now! ......... If you still want me.

Ryder: (pets her) Or course we want you.

Honey: But no collar please.

Zuma: Then how do you become a member?

Skye: I have an idea!

Honey: (surprised) *gasp*

(Skye priced it in her left ear)

Honey: I love it!

Pups: *howl*

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