One day Everest the newest member of the paw patrol was belly bognaning on jake's mountain. Then Everest was sliding so fast she flew off the snow and landed on the cold ice. Ice froze over Everest's front left paw. Every time Everest tried to pull her paw out she said Oww. So Jake called the law patrol to help. Maple will uses her chain saw to cut a circle in the ice around Everest's paw.

Rosie will check Everest's paw when it gets unstuck to see if its broken.

Rosie and maple got in their trucks and dressed up for winter.

Maple used her ice breaking chainsaw to cut a circle around Everest's paw. Then maple cut a line from one edge of the circle of ice to Everest's foot and was careful to not cut Everest's foot. Rosie carried Everest in her ambulance and checked Everest's paw.

Everest just twisted her paw in the ice trying to get out. So she put Everest's paw in a pretty icy blue cast and told her to stay off it for a week.

So for being good pups Maple got a biscuit flavored bone. Rosie got a bone flavored biscut and Everest got a piece of liver (lol)And so the pups went back home to get ready to save someone another day.

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