Rubble: Pups save Chase and Marshall

It's a beautiful day at the Lookout...

Skye: Hey! Watch me, I can flip! *flips*

Rubble Wow! Great job, Skye!

Super fruit punch uuuh duhhhhhhhhh------- uh oh I got to save earth calling all super heros

chase and marshal were cryingg in a hantedd house

Super fruit punch i now need my two frendss captian man And kid danger ahhhhhh ohh diet coke and I am off yeehn

captian man and kid danger and bodie bat " What the heck lets go call it up th tubee Aaw my boot up the boot och

Skye: Thanks!

Chase: Let's go out into the deep, dark, forest!

Marshall: Can I come too?

Chase: Well,if you want to!

Marshall: Ok.

Chase: Wow, it is pretty spooky in here!

Marshall: It sure is! *a net captures them into a tree*

Chase and Marshall: Help! Help! HELP! *whimpers and begin to cry* We want the PAW Patrol! *cries again*

super fruit punch surrender your safe now just let me do rpthisis god how do you ..... AWW MY EYE I AM OK

captian man did you say you needed me?

super fruit punch Yes this is darr play iron man strap out

Ryder: Yay! This is fun! *opens his pup pad* What's wrong, Chase and Marshall?

Chase and Marshall: * talking sadly* We want you so badly! We were walking in the forest, but a net captured us in a tree!

Ryder: I'm on it! No job is too big, no pup is too small!

Rocky, Rubble, and Skye: Ryder's calling! in the elevator,

Zuma: We have 2 pups missing! *the pups go up the elevator*

Back in the forest,

Chase and Marshall: We're best friends! We're best friends and we will never EVER split apart!

Back in the lookout,

Ryder was in there chase wasase was there to with marshal and super fruit punch holding a needle

strapped chase and marshal

put his tv on then chase tried to get out

Chase said what is that strap for

super fruit punch Said in a few hours illl let you free lower brain reader bodie bat

bodie bat said ok sir

lets goo a my shoe up the shoe oww!!

Zuma: hello, Ryder!

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