Summary Edit

When Ariel get stuck into outer space on a plant called Watt. The Paw Patrol must go all the way to outer space to save Ariel. Can the pups save Ariel and get back to earth. Find out more in Pups Save Ariel.

Charters Edit

Cal ( New)




Val( New )


Al ( New)








Tal ( New )

Story Edit

( Title card with Ariel on it.)

Zuma: Pups Save Ariel.

( The episode start with Ariel taking a nap)

Ariel: ( Screaming )

( Later with Ariel)

Ariel: ( waking up) Huh. Where am i.

Tall: You are who oh?

Ariel: Ariel Tuner. You are who uh?

Tall: Tall.

Ariel: Going we are where.

Tall: Watt.

Ariel: Oh.

( Later with Alex,Katie,Cali,and the Paw Patrol.)

Alex: Hey. Where's Ariel.

Ariel: Alex. Guys. I need help. Please help me. I'm on a plant called. Watt.

Alex: Don't worry Ariel we'll save you.

( Later in space)

Ariel: Guys? It's that you?

( A spaceship come.)


Everyone: Ariel.

Tall: Tall is name my hi.

Everyone: Huh.

Ariel: He said: Hi my name is Tall.

Everyone: Tall?

Alex: What kind of name is Tall?

Ariel: Guys. Hold on.

Tall: There almost we're Ariel.

Ariel: Great Tall.

( Later on Watt.)

Everyone(but Ariel and Tall.) : What the huh.

Tall: I need to tell you guys something.

To be coutined.

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