When Adventure Bay gets terrorised by a garbage monster- can the Paw Patrol help?


(Chase is on the title card and says the episode title.)

Skye: -Exits her pup house.- Wake up every pup! It's a new day!

Chase: -Yawns- Good Morning, Skye. -Looks around- Why up so early?

Skye: Don't you remember?

Chase: Remember what?

Skye: The even more improved Pup Pup Boogie 3 is having a 1-day only demo run at the town hall!

Chase: -Jumps slightly- Oh yeah! Hopefully we get to boogie together Skye!

Marshall: Did someone say boogie? -Jumps out of his pup house- I hope I get to tail spin! I've been working on it! -Tail Spins to where Chase and Skye are-

-Chase and Skye scatter, leaving Marshall to spin into Zuma's house.

Zuma: -sleepily- Dude! Calm down, 'Kay?

Marshall: Uh, sorry Zuma.

Chase: -Laughs- I think your spin needs work, Marshall.

-Badge change scene, Chase's badge.-

(The pups are now at town hall, where the new pup pup boogie is being projected onto a black screen)

Chase: Look! There's a circle mat with 16 squares!

Marshall: Me first! Me! Me! Me!

Ryder: Everyone will get their turn Marshall. -Laughs- Why don't you and Chase go first?

-Chase gives a glance at Skye, before stepping onto the mat, Marshall also steps on the mat-

-After playing, they tail spin. Marshall bumps into the the projector and knocks it over. The game switches off suddenly-

Rest of the pups: Marshall!

Marshall: Um, sorry! -Ryder picks him up- I'm sorry Ryder, I didn't mean it! -Covers face with paw-

Ryder: It's ok. We'll just have to fix it!

-Ryder's pup pad rings, he picks it up and answers it. It's Alex and he's panicking.-

Alex: Ryder! Look! -Alex holds up his phone, and a dark figure streaks across the screen- It's the Adventure Bay city monster!

Ryder: Um, we'll there has to be a logical explanation. Anyway, Pups to the look- -almost presses the button to call the pups, they look at him-

Chase: Um, Ryder, sir, we're right here.

-Badge change, Marshall's badge-

(All the pups are in their uniforms and in the lookout)

Chase: Ready for action, Ryder, sir!

Ryder: Pups! We need to save Adventure Bay from a monster! Apparently it's hiding in the sewers. -slide the pup pad to Chases badge- Chase! I'll need your light and your nose. Its dark under there.

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: And Rubble! We'll need your scoop to move wreckage in the sewers.

Rubble: Let's dig it!

Ryder: The rest of you should help clean any mess this monster may have made. Paw patrol is on a roll!

-The three arrive where Alex saw the monster. Ryder, Rubble and Chase leave their vehicles. -

Ryder: Paw patrol, here to help. We're did it go Alex?

Alex: -Points to a open grate.- There!

Chase: Do you have anything with it's scent? -tilts head-

Alex: It tried to grab my Grandpa's hat. -Let's Chase sniff it-

Chase: I've got it Ryder. It went down there alright!

Rubble: Let's go!

-Badge change scene, Rubble's badge-

Rubble: -Nervously- Y-You, don't think there really is a monster, do you?

Chase: Nah... -sniff floor- Uhhh, I think.

Ryder: There's no monster pups. Remember last time? It was just a bunch of animals we knew.

-They see the dark figure, which runs off with a howl. Rubble jumps back and Chase hide behind his paws. -

Ryder: Pups! Let's go! -He runs after it and they follow reluctantly-

-They see a pile of rubbish. Rubble barks to get his scoop out-

Rubble: Rubble on the double! -Quickly digs a path-

Chase: Wait, where did it go?

Dark Figure: I'll have you know, I'm not an it.

Chase: Um, um, sorry! -Barks nervously, which sends his net and light out at the same time-

Ryder: Chase! Keep your light on, but leave the net. -Chase does as told- Hello there. Your a pup, aren't you?

Dark figure: Shiba Inu and proud. I'm Lusa, by the way.

-Chase and Rubble laugh nervously-

Ryder: See? Lusa isn't a monster. We'd better get you to the clinic and get you cleaned up.

-Badge change scene, a badge with a light blue background and a computer with a wrench on it-

Katie: How does that feel Lusa?

Lusa: Much better, thanks! -Turns to Ryder and Chase-

Chase: Why were you down there in the first place?

Lusa: Well, I thought I might find an interesting place to stay. I like this place so far. Adventure Bay, I assume?

-Skye and Marshall burst in-

Skye: Ryder! We've finished cleaning up.

Marshall: Yeah! But, the Pup Pup Boogie game is still broken. -Whimpers slightly-

Lusa: Wait, maybe I could help? To repay you for going to the trouble to help me.

Ryder: It's worth a shot!

-They all go to town hall-

Lusa: Well, it doesn't look that bad. -Pups sigh in relief. Lusa fiddles with a wire, then closes the projector and puts it on the stand- Done!

Ryder: That was great! Lusa, if you don't have anywhere to go, why not come with us?

Lusa: Become a Paw Patrol member?

- Pup Pup Boogie starts playing, pups tails start waging -

Ryder: As a Tech Pup! Here, -gives her a collar with a light blue badge. It has a computer and a wrench on it-

Lusa: -gasps- I'd love too!

-Pups start howling in delight. Marshall and Lusa then go and play Pup Pup Boogie, while the ending song plays.-

Marshall: Tail spin! -spins-

Lusa: Spin?! -Marshall crashes into her. All the pups start laughing-

Marshall and Lusa: We're ok!

-End of episode-

Well, that was my first episode on here. Hopefully it's ok. I had to use a tablet to type it up. Comments are welcome!

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