It's a mystery story and awesome.

Summery Edit

When Ryder and the pups go on a train ride something is going on train. Now can the paw patrol find out what's going on. Or this is one case the paw patrol can't figuer out. Find Out In Pups Ride the Rails.

Charters Edit



Mayor Goodway










Chapter 1 Edit

(Title card with Ryder on it. ) Ryder: Pups Ride the Rails. ( The episode start with the paw patrol get on a train. ) Chase: I can't wait to get on the train. Rocky: Yeah. Hey Zuma where are we going to. Zuma: I don't know. (Then the train arrive at the station. Then the paw patrol got on the train. ) Ryder: Hmm. Hmm. Hmm . Katie: Why are you Humming. Ryder: It keeps me relaxed and quite. Katie: Oh well could you keep it down a bit. I'm trying to take a nap. Ryder: Oh sorry. (Then they go through a cave. ) Katie: Ahh. (Everyone looks at Katie) Skye: Katie, what happened where's Ryder. Katie: Look. (She said showing a bunch of bones. ) Zuma: You hurt Ryder. Katie: I didn't do it. Skye: Yeah. She was sitting there the whole time. Zuma: Oh. Rubble: Then where's Ryder. Voice: Help me Rubble. Rubble: Ryder is that you. Voice: Uh. Yes it's me Ryder come and help me if you dare. Wip

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