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Chase followed Grace and Coujo around the town

Chase: Alright you two lets see what this is about plus this will take my mind off the choice

Coujo: I feel like someones following us

Grace: It is probaley just the stress

Chase: *Whispers* The stress about what?

He followed them to a field and watched them talk

Coujo: I sware someones following us you okay

Grace: *Starts to cry* Oh Coujo I don't know what to do I can't be a-a-a

Coujo: You don't have to say it

Chase: Darn it!! So close!!!

he followed them to Katie's and he hid behide a plant but there was a parrot above him

Grace: Katie I need you to about something to make sure it's true I might be-

Chase couldn't hold it in any more

Chase: Achoo!

Coujo: I knew it someones following us!!

he looked behide the plant and found Chase

Coujo: Chase?

Chase: Grace you might be what?


Grace: Coujo it's okay Chase i'm pregnant


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