(Title card with Luke on the front) Pups Music Festival

(Starts at the lookout)

Penelope: Hi guys

Chase: Hey guys meet are new pup Luke the DJ pup

Lilac: Howdy!

Penelope: H-h-hi

Luke: Sup (whispers to Chase) Who's the cute border collie

Chase: That's Penelope and that's Lilac

Marshall: Hey guys wanna go racing?

Luke: Sure

(At the racing)

Chase: (on his megaphone) Penelope and Luke are in the lead but Lilac and Marshall aren't far behind

(Beeps on collars)

Ryder: Paw patrol to the lookout!

Luke and Penelope: (slide to a halt)

Luke looked behind him to see Marshall was running in the exact same lane as Luke!

Luke: Marshall we're not supposed to run in the same lane-

Marshall and Luke: (Crash)

Luke and Marshall landed right in front of the finish line

Luke: (slides his paw out) (puts his paw over the finish line) I win!

In the lookout...

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: So I've been asked by Mayor Goodway to organise an event to bring the community together so I'm going to put you in pairs to try and come up with something

Ryder: Zuma you're with Lilac and Rocky

Zuma, Lilac and Rocky: All right!


Ryder: Luke I guess you're with Penelope

Luke: (smiles)


Luke: So what should we do?

Penelope: (shrugs shyly)

Luke: Hmmm?

Penelope: H-h-how about a music festival

Luke: Great idea let's go to Ryder

Penelope: (walks shyly after him)

Ryder: Great idea pups! Come on let's a sign the parts

Ryder: Chase we need you to go around town with your megaphone and tell people about the music festival

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: Penelope set up first aid tent just in case

Penelope: The collie has the cure!

Ryder: Luke I need you to DJ at the music festival for a little while then we bring out the bands

Luke: The party don't start till Luke walks in!

Ryder: Rubble we need you to build the stage

Rubble: Rubbles on the double!

Ryder: The rest of you just join in and have fun! Oh Luke and Penelope You're in charge of the bands

Luke: Okay

Ryder: Paw patrol is on a roll!

One truck scene later...

Rubble: The stage is ready!

Luke: Come on Penelope let's go and choose some music while Chase is spreading the word!

Penelope: Okay

Luke: We have to have walking on cars

Penelope: Who?

Luke: Their an Irish band from dingle

Penelope: Okay as long as we can have Mimi Vannili

Luke: Who?

Penelope: S-she is a shibu inu she is a very good singer

Festival time....

Luke: (DJing) (bark) (DJ mic comes out) Alright guys I've gotta go because the bands are coming out!!

Luke: Now please welcome Walking on cars and Mimi Vannili

Crowd: Woa!

Lilac: (comes over to Luke and Penelope) wow this is a really good shindig ya got hear

Penelope: Huh?

Luke: She means it's a good party

Lilac: Well shape a cheese into a cake and call it a cheese cake someone who understand my language!

Luke: Huh?

Lilac: Ah forget it

After the festival...

Mimi Vannili: So hi guys I want to ask you something?

Luke: Sure

Mimi Vannili: Can you teach me to be a real dog I'm sick of the famous life

Pups: Okay!

At the lookout...

Mimi Vannili: So what do you do for fun?

Luke: Race

Zuma: Surf

Marshall: Tug-a-pillow

Mimi Vannili: I'll try the first one

In the racing Mimi fell and cried

Mimi Vannili: (cries) I'm no good

Chase: Don't worry we can help you

Luke: Ya

Mimi Vannili: Aww thanks guys

Later Mimi started getting the hang of things and became a normal pup

Mim Vannili: Well guys I gotta leave thanks soooooo much (hugs them)

Pups: Aww.

HOS:Ok adventure bay ready to rock we have the band in adventure bay....let me present the skull                        band........... ryder:chase,rocky,marshall,rubble and zuma you guys ready?

chase:yeah we play breaking point and your betrayal.

ryder:nice go rock the world.

on the stage the crowd is cheering

after the song

the winner of the music festival is the skull band.

Trivia Edit

. Mimi Vannili is an idea Goldenlatias6 gave to me which is why I'm giving her to her

. I got this idea from an episode from home and away

. Luke has a crush on Penelope

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