(At Adventure Bay in the lookout) (Marie, Rocky, and Skye are watching TV on their cushions) (The rest of the Paw Patrol are at Katies grooming salon)

Skye: I had my bath yesterday. Too many baths can dry out skin.

Rocky: I'm not going near a bath.

Marie: I'm not going near Katie.

Skye and Rocky: WHAT?

Skye: Why?

Marie: I guess you forgot, Katie is after me and Marissa!

Rocky: Oh that's silly!

Marie: Are you doubting me!

Rocky: No, I--

(The pups walk in)

Chase: What a great time!

Zuma: My furs never been softer!

Marie: (mumbles) She would of damaged my fur...

Zuma: Huh?

Marie: Nothing.

(At the beach)

(A greyhound hops off a ship) (A robin is on her back)

???????: Adventure Bay tour season! Could you think of a better time to come!

(By the way, it's been a month since Marie came)

Bird: Tweet!

???????: Isn't it "tweet" Cael?!

Cael: Tweet tweet!

???????: Oh my! What's that! It's the "tweet"-est building I've ever seen!

Cael: Tweet!!!!

(They head towards the lookout)

(On their way they stop by Katies)

??????: What's this?

(They look inside)

(Cail sees them and tries to eat Cael)

???????: CA-CA! CA-CAW!!!!

(She attacks Cail)

Katie: Hey! You hurt Cail!

(They have already left)

????????: Don't worry, it's not the big building.

(They make it to the lookout)

(Inside the lookout)

(A light shines in Zumas eye)

Zuma: Ouch! 

(He looks out the window) (The greyhounds pearls are making the light)

Zuma: *gasp* Pups look!

(They all look out the window)

Ryder: A dog?

Marissa: It's a greyhound!

(They run outside)

Greyhound: TWEET!

Skye: What?

Greyhound: Don't you speak bird?

Rocky: Uh..... no.....

Zuma: What's your name?

Greyhound: I'm Ocean.

Zuma: Thats a pretty name.

Ocean: Thanks!

Marie: Who hurt you?

(Ocean looks at her bandaged nose)

Ocean: Oh, uh, I broke my nose.

Marie: How?

Ocean: (thinks) What will they think if I say I was trying to fly?! (Says) Oh, I, fell.

Marie: I can fix-

Ocean: No! Tweet tweet tweet.

Chase: What?

Ocean: I like my scar.

Beep beep beep!

Ryder: Hello--

Marie: Marie here!

Captain Turbot: Help! I'm lost! At sea!

Marie: No job is too big! No pup is too small!

(The go up the elevator)

(They line up) (Ocean is sitting by Ryder)

Marie: (thinks) She can't sit there!

(She was so lost in her thoughts, Chase beat her to it)

Chase: Ready for action Ryder sir!

Marie: Hey!

Marissa: Thanks for coming pups! Caption Turbot is lost out on the flounder.

Ryder: Skye, we need you to find the flounder.

Skye: This pups gotta fly!

Ryder: And Zuma, we need you to stand by in case.

Zuma: Ready, set, get wet! 

Marie: Don't you need me for injuries?

Ryder: Captain Turbot didn't report any injuries, sorry Marie.

Marie: *whimper*

Zuma: Can I take Ocean with me? So she can see.

Ryder: Sure.

Marie: (thinks) WHEN I GET MY PAWS ON HER!!

(At sea)

Skye: I see Caption Turbot Ryder!

Ryder: There he is!

Ocean: See Cael?

Cael: Tweet tweet!

(Zuma and Ryder pull him back to shore) (Ocean looks at a baby whale following them and smiles)

(They pull him to shore when.....)

Ocean: OH MY GOSH!

(A baby pelican is hoping around)

Ocean: (runs up to it) You poor thing! Here!

(She puts him on her back)

Ocean: Can I take him to the lookout?

(At the lookout)

(Ocean is rummaging through the kitchen)

Marie: Your okay with this?!

Marissa: I think she knows what she's doing.

Ocean: Ah ha!

Ocean: Tweet tweet?

Pelican: Caw!

(She rubs olive oil on his foot)

Ocean: Tweet, tweet, tweet!

(She straightens his leg)

Ocean: Tweet!

(The pelican shakes his leg off) (He starts to walk)

Ocean: Yay!

Marie: Thats my job!!!

Ocean: He's better!

Ryder: Hmmm. Ocean, so you have a home?

Ocean: Uh, no! (Thinks) *sarcastically* Yeah, like ill ever tell I lived in a birds nest.

Ryder: Ocean, if you're up to it, how would you like to be a member of the Paw Patrol!

Ocean: SQUAWK! (She looks around) YES!

(The pups howl, Marie looks shocked)

(They are playing jump rope)

Zuma and Ocean: A! I am an Ant, I come from Alabama, where I sell..

Zuma: Apple's!

Ocean: Tweet!

Zuma: Huh?

Marie: (thinks) That greyhound! She's annoyingly pretty! And sweet!

Ocean: (thinks) That cockapoo! She annoyingly cute! And smart!

Marie: (thinks) As long as she doesn't touch Marshall.

                                           The End