It all starts early in the junkyard in Adventure Bay a Doberman Rottweiler mix named Buster was standing on the wall

Buster: (sniffs the air) Ahh! Lovely. Skit! Skit! (Looks around) Where is that boy SKIT!

There was a trash can lying on it's side and suddenly the lid flu open a handsome rebel border collie poked his head out he had yellow highlights and a red spiral on his shoulder and a spiky collar (though he doesn't have an owner) it was Skit

Skit: (yawns) What, What!

Buster: C'mon it's time for our weekly restaurant raid how about... Mr. Porters?

Skit: Dude I don't care (crawls back inside the trash can to sleep)

Buster: (drags him out)

Skit: Gah I'm comin'

At Mr Porters restaurant Buster went inside and Skit hopped on the wall

Buster: Keep a lookout

Skit: Ya, ya why do I have to do this again?

Buster: Because I did it last week

Skit: And I got us the most food we've ever had in months!

Buster: I don't care just keep a lookout!

Skit: Fine!

Skit kept looking for about five minutes when he found a bag with seeds

Cael: Tweet! Tweet!

Skit: Oh hey little dude what's up? Want some seeds?

He put some out on his claw but Cael was a bit nervous about taking them

Skit: don't worry I won't bite

Cael: (takes them)

Skit: Do you like them?

Cael: Tweet, Tweet

Skit: I don't speak bird but from how happy you look you like them

Cael: Tweet tweet! Tweet tweet! (Rubs of him)

Skit: Aww thanks little dude

Cael: (flys away)

Skit: (shouts back to him) See ya later little dude

Buster: Shh!

Skit: Ah you finally came

Buster: Run mr porters comin'

Skit: I'm going

At the junkyard Skit ran up the junk mountain and sat on the old leather car seat

Skit: (says angrily) you didn't even get us any food I'm going back to bed

Buster: Whatever scum!

Skit closed his eyes then Cael appeared again

Skit: Oh hey little dude

Cael: (pulls his ear)

Skit: You want me to follow you?

Cael: (nods)

Skit: Okay I've been waiting for the day that I could get away from Buster let's go

After a bit of walking/running they ended up at the lookout

Ocean: Hey you found my bud Cael

Skit: No prob is that your name little dude it's cool!

Rocky: What's your name?

Skit: it's Skit

Skye: (whispers to Chase) He's a dirty dochebag

She whispered a lot of stuff about him to Chase but the thing was Skit has very, very good hearing so he could hear her

Skit: what's the cockapoos name

Rubble: It's Skye

Skit: (shouts over to her) hey! Skye I have feelings and whisper a bit louder don't think the dogs in the park can hear ya!

Ryder: Skye that's not a nice thing to say

Skye: Sorry Ryder

Ryder: Sorry- Hey! Do you wanna live with us?

Skit: Ummm okay

Ryder: What are you good at?

Skit: Well I'm a great detective

Ryder: Ryder then you'll be our new detective pup

Skit: Yahoo!

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