Ryder: Last time on Paw Patrol. 

Katie: Why is he leaving. 

Chase: Because he missed his family. 

Katie: What. 


Katie: Why wouldn't he tell me that. 

Chase: I don't know why Katie. But we have to find out more about his family. 

Meanwhile with Ryder. 

Mayor: Hey Ryder what with the suitcase. 

Ryder: I'm leaving forever Mayor. 

Mayor: Let me guess. You miss your family. 

Ryder: Wait. What. How did you know. 

Mayor: I know how you feel. I miss my family too. 

Ryder: I'll wish I could stay here but I have to go home. 

Mayor Goodway was going to say something but she was too late. 

Ryder: So long Adventure Bay. 

The plan taken off .

Mayor: Oh no. I have to tell the pups. 


Pups: Mayor.

Mayor: Pups I have to tell you something.

Pups: What is it Mayor.

Mayor: Ryder just left.

Pups: What.

To be counted.

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