Chase : Pups help Ryder. Rocky : Hey guys, did you know that Ryder hasn't came out of his room in 4 days. Chase : I'm getting worried about him. Zuma : Everyone is worried about him. I hope his okay. Then Ryder came out of his room with a suitcase. Skye: Ryder, what's wrong. Ryder just ignored her. Marshall : Ryder, please tell us what bothering you. Ryder : Fine. I miss my family. Rubble : But we'll like your family. Ryder : Yeah. It's just you guys are pups and I'm human it's going to work out. So I'm leaving forever. He said as he went out the door. Katie : Hi pups. Where's Ryder. Pups : He's leaving. Katie : What. Why is he leaving. Chase : Cause he missed his family. Katie : What.

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