Carlos invites the PAW Patrol to meet him and Tracker at Isla Nublar, the site of Jurassic World, an island resort for the amusement park where they see real live dinosaurs as the attractions of the park. The gang seems to be having fun in the park. But the good times turned sour when the announcements of technical difficulties ring in. Ryder suspects there's something going on in the park. So he along with Spy Chase heads for the Innovation Center and requested permission to go to the Control Room. While there, they were informed by the workers that the Indominous Rex had broken out of the paddock and is on the loose. So Ryder tells to pups to spread out and stand guard in case if there's chaos coming. EMT Marshall is tasked to tend the visitors' injuries if it happens. Skye is in the sky with her wings attached to see if there's chaos in the sky. And Spy Chase will kept informed of the I. Rex's activities as the pups face their most prehistoric challenge yet.


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