It was a warm sunny day in Adventure Bay and the pups were playing soccer in their yard











Chase: *kicks the ball into Rubble, Zuma, and Rocky's net*

Rocky: *blocks ball* Got it!

Chase: Darn it! So close!

Ryder: Nice job Chase! *hears ringing* *picks up Pup-Pad* Oh, Hi Katie.

Katie: Ryder, I need help I was at the park with Cali, and she got stuck in a tree branch over a thorny bush!

Ryder: No job is too big! No pup is too small! *pushes button on Pup-Pad to call pups* PAW Patrol to the lookout!

Skye, Chase, Rocky, & Zuma: Ryder needs us!

Marshall: I better go! *runs to lookout but trips over the soccer ball and bounces to the lookout with it* Whoaaaaaa!

Rubble: Look out!

All except Marshall: *moves out of the way*

Marshall: *crashes into wall* Ooomf

All: *laughs*

The elevator takes the pups up to the top floor and the pups jump out of the elevator

Chase: PAW Patrol, Ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Thanks for hurrying pups, We've got a serious problem. Katie was at the park with Cali, but Cali got stuck in a tree branch over a thorny bush. We need to get her off of the tree branch before it breaks

Ryder: Skye, I need you and the carrier to try get Cali in it and take her down to the ground

Skye: Ruff, Let's take to the sky!

Ryder: And if that doesn't work, Chase, I need you and your net in case the branch breaks

Chase: Chase is on the case!

Ryder: Alright, PAW Patrol is on a roll!

The pups get in their vehicles and go to the park

(Scene Change: PAW Patrol Badge)

Katie: Thanks for coming pups Cali is right up there

Ryder: Chase put your net under there just in case Cali falls

Chase: Roger that Net Ruff! *net appears and shoots in the right spot* Bullseye

Skye: I'm trying to get Cali in the carrier

Cali: *avoids carrier* Meow *falls off* Meeeeeooooowwww!

Katie: Phew!

Chase: And that's why nets were invented.

All: *laughs*

Cali: Meow! *walks off of net*

Ryder: Another job well done! Now let's go back to the lookout. Bye Katie!

Katie: Bye Ryder Thanks for saving Cali!

Back at the lookout the pups played soccer for a few more hours until it was dark outside

Ryder: Ok pups, time for bed.

Pups: Awwwww!

Ryder: We can have more fun tomorrow.

Rocky: Can we sleep on the mattresses tonight please?

Ryder: Sure, Go ahead! Now we should really get to bed now.

Pups: Ok *all walk inside lookout and lay down on the mattresses*

Ryder: Goodnight pups! *turns off light*

Zuma: Goodnight *yawns* 'Wyder' *falls asleep*

Ryder: *goes up elevator and into bedroom*

All except Zuma: *fall asleep*

To be continued

(The part where they go missing is in Part 2)

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