This is my second story. It is about pups saving Marshall and Valerie.


Story Edit

Black Pup with question mark on it

Voice: Pups Dig out Two More

Opens on Sunset

Ryder: Have any of you pups seen my Pup-Pad

Pups: No

Ryder: Well it is time for bed

Pups (except Marshall):(yawn)

Ryder: You pups all look tired

Scene Changes Marshalls Pup Tag

Time 12:00 AM

Pup-Pad rings

Marshall: Marshall here

Precious' Owner: There's a fire at my house

Marshall: I'm on it

Marshall jumps into his vehicle and rides to the fire.

He gets the fire out and then he hears a meow from in the unstable building.

When he hears a creak and he throws Precious out the window.

Then a swedish vallhund named Valerie tries to help by showing a route to the door that wasn't blocked by burnt boards.

In the middle the house collapses.

Just in time Marshall sends an emergency howl

Scene Changes Penelope's Badge

Penelope: Marshall gone

Pups: What

Penelope: Look at the last message

(Penelope hits replay)

Lilac: Ryder, Help Marshall's missing

Ryder: Pups To the lookout

One Elevator scene later

(Ryder selects Penelope)

Ryder: Penelope we need you to use your medical case to cover any cuts Marshall got

Penelope: This Collie has the cure

(Ryder selects Rubble)

Ryder: Rubble, We need your digger to lift the boards

Rubble: Rubble on the Double

(Ryder selects Skye)

Ryder: We need you to take the scrap wood to the dump

Skye: This pups gotta fly

(Ryder selects Zuma)

Ryder: we need you too take some wood to Seal Island

Zuma: Ready, Set, get wet

One vehicle scene later

Zuma gets out to a shock

Yipper: Zuma

Zuma: Yipper Get out

(Yipper hits Zuma and cut his check)

(Yipper runs away and yips like crazy)

Penelope runs over with her medical pack

Penelope: I need to wrap your mouth

Zuma: Why

Penelope: Do you want it to hurt

Zuma: No

Penelope: Just a sec. (Wrapping Noise) Done

(Muffled Bark)

Rubble: I found a paw

Ryder: Dig it out

Rubble: It's a Swedish Vallhund

Skye: She said her name is Valerie

Ryder: Penelope, patient

Penelope: This Collie got the cure

Scene changes to Zuma on seal island

Yipper: Now you cant call Ryder so.

(Yipper gets in Zuma's hovercraft and breaks the propeller)

Zuma barks through the bondage

Zuma show Ryder the propeller is broke on his hovercraft

Ryder: I send Rocky in Skye's helicopters

Rocky fixes it with a broken turbine

Scene changes Marshalls pup tag

Rubble: I found Marshall I need the beam taken off him

Skye: On it

Penelope: Marshall

Marshall: (Weakly) Help

Penelope: I need Bondage*Bark

(Bondage wrapping)

Marshall: I feel better

Marshall tries to jump up on Ryder but there is a nail in his paw

Valerie: I got it.

She pulls it out with her teeth

Scene Changes to the lookout with a Brown collar with a house on it

Ryder: Do you want to live here Valerie

Valerie: Yes

Ryder: you can be the newest member of the PAW Patrol

(Valerie hugs Marshall to tight making him pass out.)

End Song

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