It was somehow a foggy and cloudy afternoon in Adventure Bay, as if someone got depressed.

Splash, Zuma, Rocky: Zzzzzz...

Chase: Skye, do you think we should wake them? It's past lunch time!

Skye: Yes! Uh, but you wake them. I'll stand over there. *Points to tree.*

Chase: *Sighs.* Ok. Rawrf! Megaphone! PUPS! WAKE UP! LUNCH TIME!

Zuma, Rocky: *Wakes up suddenly.* AHH!!!!

Chase: Finally! Lunch time! *Scoots their bowls over to them.* Eat up!

Zuma: Huh? Splash is not awake yet? Oh well. No biggie.

Rocky: You know she's a HEAVY sleeper, Zuma!

Chase, Zuma, Rocky: Hahahaha!

Splash: Zzzzzzzz....

Change scene: Splash's badge: to where Ryder is.

Ryder: *Zooming around Adventure Bay with his ATV.*

Ring ring ring!

Ryder: *Picks up pup-pad.*

Ryder: Ryder here! Mr. Porter?

Mr. Porter: Ryder help!! A very angry rabid bear is chasing me! You have to help!

Ryder: Why is there a bear chasing you?

Mr. Porter: I was picking berries on his territory! I didn't know!

Ryder: Okay! No job is too big, no pup is too small! PAW Patrol to the lookout!

Marshall and Rubble: Ryder needs us!

Splash: Zzzzz...

Chase: Rubble? Get your rig here.

Rubble on his rig: *Is carefully scooping Splash up. Brings her to the elevator. Parks rig back to parking spot.*

Marshall: *Trips on Splash.*

Splash: Zzzz-- wha? What happened?

Pups: Hahahaha!

Elevator ride later...

Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: We need all paws on deck for this mission! All right PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Change scene to the woods where Mr. Porter is.

Ryder: Whispers: Pups get off your vehicles. The Rabid bear is near.


Pups and Ryder: Shhhhhhhhhh!!!

Splash: I don't... want... t-to... go in... there...

Ryder: You can't stay out here!

Splash: O-Okay..

Change scene: Main PAW Patrol badge when the pups and Ryder stop walking.

Rabid Bear: RAWRRRRRRRR!!!!! ROAR!!!!

Mr. Porter hanging on a tree trunk: HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!

Ryder: Chase! Your net!

Chase: Rawrf! Net!


Rabid bear: *Slashes net away with his claw.* ROAR!!!! *Slowly comes closer to the pups.*

Splash: Wait. Bear. *Is shivering with fright.*

Rabid bear: ROAR!

Splash: *Takes out bacon.* Fetch. *Throws bacon far far away.*

Rabid bear: GRRR! *Runs after it.*

Mr. Porter: *Hugs Splash.* You've saved the day!

Splash: No. We all did!

Change scene to the Lookout: Splash's badge.

Zuma: That was pwetty awesome, dude!

Splash: Aw, don't mention it.

Ryder: Did you learn any lesson Splash?

Splash: Yep! Never underestimate the power of bacon!

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