I've gotten permission from Tundrathesnowpup to use Tundra and Blizzard. It was a fine night in Adventure Bay, where there were a few clouds in the sky and no emergencies in sight. :)

Ryder: Hey Splash, how do I look in this suit and tie?

Splash: You look awesome, dude. But why the formal stuff all of a sudden?

Ryder: You'll see, Splash. *Takes out pup-pad* PAW Patrol to the Lookout!

Pups: Ryder needs us!

Marshall: *His water hose is on, and he's sliding on the ground* Pups! LOOK OUT!!!


Splash: Dude! You "splashed" me!

Pups: Ha ha ha!

When they arrive...

Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: Pups. Over the past years, you've all been good pups, so I've invited Katie to come with us for a celebration dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Splash: Umm... Ryder? I'm not so good with fancy stuff... Can I stay here and guard the lookout?

Ryder: You sure Splash?

Splash: *Nods head.*

Ryder: Okay, then. The rest of you, boy pups stay with me and girls, go to Katie's to get dressed. Alright! PAW Patrol is on a roll! *Stands in place, while watching the girls go to Katie's.*

Change scene to Katie's: PAW Patrol main badge.

Everest: This is so cool! Put a bow on my head, Katie.

Katie: Ok, Everest!

Tundra: I wonder how Rocky looks... *sighs dreamily.*

Skye: Me too, but with Chase..

Change scene to the Lookout: Skye's badge.

Rocky: I wonder how Tundra looks... *blushes*

Chase: Same here with Skye! *Sighs happily*

When they get ready: change scene to the restaurant: PAW Patrol main badge.

Ryder: Waiter, reservation under 'Ryder' please.

Waiter: Here are your seats. And.. don't let your dogs make a mess, please.

Ryder: Sure, thing Sir.

Everyone sat down to eat, Ryder with a steak, Katie with spaghetti, and pups with some pup food cuisine with bone bits.

BAM! It was Blizzard!

Blizzard: TUNDRA! You brat, how come you didn't invite me to your celebration?! *Snarls*

Tundra: *Gasps* Blizzard get out!!!! This is for the PAW Patrol only!!!

Blizzard: Try and stop me.

He jumped onto the tables and messed things up.

Ryder: *Takes out pup-pad, calls Splash's badge.* Splash, come right now with your gear, the restaurant is close so borrow Rubble's skateboard. Blizzard is the emergency!

Splash: H2O go! Be right there, Ryder!

Change scene to the restaurant: Splash's badge.

Splash: *Goes inside the restaurant* Blizzard!!!!!! Come here.

Blizzard: *Stops wrecking for a moment* What do you want, pup?! *Walks towards her*

Splash: Rawrf! Buoy, expand and tighten!

Pop! Buoy is tight on Blizzard.

Blizzard: Argh!!!! You will not get away with this! Tundra, this is all your fault...

Splash: *Drags Blizzard out* Ooh, wait! Waiter! Can I have a plate of bacon to go, please?

Waiter: *Hands bacon* Thank you Splash.

Splash: Thanks! *Chomps on bag to carry it.* Hee oo aer Yder! (See you later Ryder.)

Splash: *Hops on skateboard, rides it*

Blizzard: OW!!! MY TAIL AND RUMP!

Splash: Owwy, ut ats at oo et. (Sorry, but that's what you get.)

Tundra: *Is watching* Ha, ha!

Scene change to the Lookout, the pups arrive back: Splash's badge.

Ryder: You are all such good pups!

Splash: *Eating her bacon.*

Pups: *Stares at Splash.*

Splash: *Looks up, has humongous, filled cheeks.*

Pups and Ryder: Ha ha ha ha!

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