(Chase, Marshall, Rocky and Rubble are sitting on the balcony of The Lookout.)

Chase: Hey anyone want to go skydiving?

Marshall: Not Really. I'm Scared of flying.

Rocky: I Would.

Rubble: Me too!

(Skye and Zuma are Playing Pup Pup Boogie Inside the Lookout.)

Skye: Zuma, look!

Zuma: What? (Sees a huge wave of zombies crossing a bridge) Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Rocky: Look, a huge zombie wave!


Zombie: I delivered some pizza.

Chase: Get Out!(He squashes the zombie)

At the field.....

Pea: I think its time to stop those zombies.

Sun: I agree!

Wally: I want to go bowling!

Crazy Dave: Time to go bowlin!(throws Wally)

Wally: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Then Wally died.

Potato: I built a recovery center.

(Wally gets recovered in the Wally Recovery Center)

(Pea, Sun, Wally, and Potato kill all the zombies.)

Ryder: Marshall's bone from Pups save a Walrus is gone!

(Flashback starts)

Mayor Goodway: And this bone goes to...

(Mayor Goodway throws bone to Marshall)

(Flashback ends)

Marshall: Oh No!

(They all go into a portal)

Part 2 Coming soon!

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