part 1

Marshall and Rosie woke up in a old run down building.

"Oh" Said Rosie. "What happened?"

Marshall looked around. The roof was full of holes.

"Who was that man." Said Rosie.

"It's a long story." Said Marshall.

Marshall looked more. And recognised where he was.

"Alderney! Library City!"

"Library City? That's far from home." Said Rosie.

"Or not." Said Marshall running outside.

"Marshall! What did you get me into." Rosie said as she followed.

Marshall ran along the beach.

"It's what I remember." Said Marshall.

"What is." Said Rosie.

Marshall ignored her and ran to the night road.

"Marshall, what happening." Said Rosie.

Marshall suddenly remembered Rosie was with her and sighed.

"It looks like Jim brought us to Library City."

"Who's Jim" Asked Rosie.

"One of many men me and my parents stole from in the past. We lived underground and had no owner. One day. Jim drove by while we were walking and shot my parents dead. I was lucky to get away."

Rosie was quiet. Marshall was never like this.

"I was on the streets until Ryder found me and we moved to Adventure Bay."

Rosie gave him a hug.

"Marshall, you save lives. Who'd want to kill you."

Marshall looked at her. Then they saw cars drive into the old building carpark. It was Jim and his boss.

"You told me they would starve to death here and now I don't see them starving."

"Oh.. I forgot to lock t---

Gun sound

Marshall and Rosie ran for dear life.

Later after walking for hours, Marshall and Rosie walked down to a subway.

"Come on. Let's escape on a train."

They went down to the platform and boarded it. After a few hours of sleeping. Marshall looked out the window and saw a town he knew well.

"It's Broker! I really am home." He said.

When the train stopped. Marshall and Rosie walked down Hove Beach.

"Where are we going." Asked Rosie.

"To a street called Shinnecock Avenue. It's not far."

When they got there. Marshall toke Rosie to a tree with hole behind it.

"My home!" Said Marshall as he slidded down it. He turned a lamp just as Rosie came tumbling down.

"Wow, talk out living underground. It looks nice." Said Rosie. There a old VHS TV, matches and a banket.

"You say." Said Marshall.

After showing her old photos and toys. They went to sleep.

"We'll do more tomorrow." Said Marshall, putting the banket onto them.


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