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Ace and Lani belong to Tundrathesnowpup- also known as Musicalmutt2 on deviantart

Future Generation: ChaseXSkye

Lani and Acey
Ace and Lani Uniforms

In uniform

Chase and Skye's oldest two pups; born around 4 hours after Tundra and Rocky's pups: Meet Lani; meaning "Sky" or "Heaven" in Hawaiian; and Ace, named a bit after a famous police dog, but mostly after Skye's favorite pilot, Ace Soarinston. Ace was born first, and Lani followed about 15 minutes afterwards.

Ace would like to be a medic pup one day, and while Lani is just living for the moment now, she later declares that she wants to be a high-flying aviation pup just like Skye after she takes her up one day for a little joy-ride, enjoing the rush of being up in the air.

Ace tends to spend most of his time with Winter; due to his huge crush on her; playing Pup Pup Boogie with her and watching their Aunts and Uncles and parents work and save Adventure Bay. Lani likes to run around with Aurora and explore, often getting into trouble like getting stuck in places or getting sprayed by skunks. Lani starts to crush on another one of Zuma and Princess' sons,Dylan . She finds his freckles and kind personality super cute and she is head over tail for him. Ace notices CJ 's attempts to pull him away from Winter, but he pays no heed to it, brushing her off and her snobbiness towards Winter.

They end up having a younger sister named Sora when they're around 8 months old. They're about a year and 6 months old when Sora gets to 8 months, but they still are puppies at heart and love to play with their younger sister.

When they're about 4 years old, they get married to their puphood crushes and end up having pups of their own. Lani and Dylan have 3 pups, a boy and two girls: Digger , Sandy , and Robin , while Ace and Winter have two daughters, Clarity and Breeze and later on have a son named Cayo . They're now fullyfledged members of the PAW Patrol, trying their best to fill out their parent's pawsteps. They always make sure they have time for their family and love to be with their mates and their friends.


Lani: like a darker version of her mother with a short fuzzy tail. She's got dark orange ears and a tan-orange muzzle and chest and forepaws. she has a mix of her father and mother's eyes, her left eye light pink and her right eye orange-brown. Given a light orange-pink collar by Ryder as a birthday gift. When she's in her teens and in adulthood, she grows bangs. When she marries Dylan, she gets a golden pin with a D initial and his badge symbol

Uniform: she wears a jacket like Skye's but it's a lightish red-orange/purplish tint, with a fluffy lighter colored jacket-collar and hem, more like a pilot's jacket. Her jetpack and Goggles are a lighter pinkish-red hue. her Pup Tag has a sky blue background with two white clouds, one shrowding the sun, and the silhouette of a bird.

Ace: A light brown male pup with creamy chest and right forepaw. his left forepaw is brown along with his tail tip, left ear, and eye spots over both eyes. he also sports a white diamond on his upper chest, just like his grandmother Brooke. he has pink eyes like his mother, only slightly darker. Given a dark red-maroon collar by Ryder as a birthday gift. When he marries Winter, he gets a golden pin with a W initial and her badge symbol.

Uniform: Much like Marshall's, except the red is a a tad bit darker and the stripes on it are white. He wears a red cap with a white cross on it. His Pup Tag has a light yellow background with a dark red cross with a bandage across it.


Lani: Very outgoing and adventurous, always finding something new to stick her nose into. She's very kind, but is kind of fiery and stubborn when it comes to someone disagreeing with her. She's more of a fireball than her brother, and her partner-in-crime is usually always Aurora or Dylan. She'll pick a fight if she has to- and doesn't back down too easily. she's very defensive about her friends and family

Ace: More logical and calm, he is very sweet and talkative, always eager to help out a friend in need. Ace tends to be scared of conflict, and would like to avoid scuffles and fights whenever possible, sometimes a bit of a coward when it comes to things like that if they are directed straight at him. Though in times of real danger, if his family or friends are in trouble, he'll tell himself to suck it up and push through. He's a bit of the watch-dog/worrier of his friend group, always making sure they're okay and trying to figure out if their plans are good or not.

Voice Actors


Young: Joey Lawrence voice of Oliver in Oliver and Company

Teenager/Adult: Elijah Wood- voice of Wirt in Over the Garden Wall (gets deeper as an adult)


Young: Michelle Horn- voice of young Kiara in Lion King 2

Teenager/Adult: Megan Fahlenbock- voice of Gwen in Total Drama Island(also Jen Masterson in 6teen- but both chars sound exactly alike- Gets a bit more mature as an adult but pretty much stays the same) 




  • "I'm ready for take-off!"
  • "Let's soar to the rescue!"
  • "Cloudy or clear, Lani will be here!"


  • "I can Ace this!"
  • "Let's Bandage them up!"
  • "Feeling sick? I can make you better quick!"

Pup Pack:


  • a jetpack just like Skye's, but with a few different jet speeds. It also contains a parachute- just in case. (suggested by Skye, after what happened with Maui, Skye suggested to Ryder that he should upgrade her pack with a chute)


  • An X-ray Screen 
  • Bandages(Wraps and Band-aids)
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Crutches
  • Lollipops(for the patient, though he sneaks a few sometimes and gets in trouble with Skye) 
  • Epipens (for all sorts of allergies) 


Lani:  a silver and red-orange/pink colored helicopter similar to Skye's, but it's more aerodynamic. It also has a claw, but also has a few other features, like a giant spotlight on the underside so she can light up her pathway on night rescues 

Ace: a smaller and darker red version of Marshall's ambulance, but with his badge on the side instead of Marshall's, and it can morph out to a make-shift doctor's office so he can do mobile checkups. He has a whole assortment of medical equipment, especially epipens after the terrifying incident with Lani


Lani: despite her love for exploring, Lani is actually afraid of Pirates and hooks(hook hands and all that), and bats- due to an event of exploring a cave and getting spooked by a swarm of bats that started to fly out.. she also hates seagulls, she's not afraid of them, she just doesn't like them and will chase them.

Ace: Like mentioned earlier, Ace hates conflict and is scared of fighting. He's also scared of octopuses(octopi?),stingrays, and jellyfish. He's also slightly scared of CJ. He's absolutely terrified of losing anyone he holds close to him, and sometimes has panic attacks when he thinks of the possibilities of those situations

Like father like son:

Ace shares his dad's feelings on talking to girls they like- hiding it and trying not to let anyone know, but it's pretty obvious to the other pups. But once he lets Winter know how he feels, he lets it show, and becomes fairly protective over her, though he still hates conflicts. He tries to settle things through words.


Lani: Lani feels extremely comfortable in the air with her mom, with Skye teaching her the ropes, she feels like a bird. Even though Skye can get a bit tough on her at times, she's loving every second of it. She also learns a few things from Angel, Skye's trainee, but spends most of the time with her mother.

Ace: though he's learning mostly under Rosie, he learns a lot from Marshall as well, most of his tools being similar to his. He's a little cautious about learning about shots, but he likes being able to help his friends and family if they need to be patched up. When he's older, he teaches Tucker to be a medicine pup


  • Even though Ace is older, Lani acts more like the older sibling since she tends to have more confidence. She also likes to tease him sometimes- but it's all playful. Though Ace does step up in times of emergency
  • Mentioned in Pups and the Broken Toy, Ace has a stuffed bear named "Patchy" that tends to get ripped up every so often and is pretty much sewn together in several places by Skye. 
  • Though Lani tries to hide him, her favorite stuffed animal is a purple elephant she named "Eggplant" or she affectionately refers to as "Eggy"- and she normally can't go to sleep without him
  • Due to their mixed genes- When they're teens, Lani actually becomes taller than her mom, thanks to Chase's height, though Ace still towers over her, getting mostly German Shepherd genes in him.
  • Lani has what's known as Heterochromia- which is what gives her the two different colored eyes
  • Extremely allergic to peanuts- Lani can't have any peanut-butter flavored treats or anything with peanuts, she'll swell up, bad, and could possibly die
  • Lani and Ace really want a pet platypus and get excited seeing them in the zoo
  • Ace gets sneezing fits sometimes like Chase, but he isn't allergic to anything. He has a very sensitive nose and will tend to sneeze 4-8 times in a row. 
  • Sometimes Lani will get random dizzy-spells that cause her to fall over, but nothing too serious and nothing a little nap won't fix
  • If you can't tell, Ace is a daddy's pup and Lani is a mama's girl. They both look up to both parents, Ace likes Chase a bit more as does Lani with Skye. But that doesn't mean that they don't love the other parent any less. 
  • Lani once tried to use a trash bag as a parachute and jumped off the playground structure....Did not work very well. (Based off of something that I actually tried as a kid >u> Let's just say I landed on my butt on a mound of sand.)
  • Lani will pounce and fight with anyone who dares threaten her younger sister, Sora, because of her tail.  She's very protective of her and would do anything for her
  • Ace loves his younger sibling as well, but is more protective in the emotional sense, since he's not a very physical pup, despite his size. He uses it more for intimidation if there are smaller pups picking on her. He and Lani are always there for her, and Ace is usually the one who is there for when she needs a shoulder to cry on.
  • Though sometimes she stops Sora from getting in trouble, Lani sometimes helps her sneak off for an adventure. She'll show her some of her favorite hidden spots and locations, and most of the time causes Ace to freak out when she won't answer her Badge and will use the GPS locator screen in the Lookout to track them down
  • Lani blames herself for the loss of Sora's tail because she feels she wasn't watching her sister closely enough and sometimes feels awful and feels like she failed her duty as an older sister
  • When Ace panics, he tends to start to hyperventilate and pace around in circles, his tail fluffing up thick as the fur stands on end
  • Ace is a huge softy for his girls and will do anything for them. He loves his mate to bits and totally dotes over her and their daughters, and once Cayo is born, spoils him as well
  • Lani is a caring but fun mom- though she knows when to tighten her grip on the leash. She loves taking her kids on trails and finding new things for them to discover
  • Even though the seem like one version of their parents, they're both Cockapoo/German Shepherd mixes. As explained above, that's why they both tower over their mother
  • They're really tight to their cousins, Camo,Blitz,and Soda - but not Crash , due to him teasing them and being rude 24/7. Soda looks up to Ace, and he loves to give her attention and play with her, even letting her honk the siren on his ambulance. Lani and Camo get along pretty well with their rough-and-tumble behavior, though all three of them have to put up with Blitz and Soda wanting to play dress up. Though as they get older into their adulthood, they regain a small bond for Crash, after he starts to get nice after hanging around Ace's daughter and getting his lost love back.
  • Lani adores her Uncle Fletcher , much to Chase's apparent distress. She likes to call him "Uncle Fletch" sometimes. She also adores her Uncle Maui - admiring the way he uses his jetpack to be a superhero for birthday parties. She also gets excited for him to teach her new stunts and tricks that she can perform (much to Chase's distress)
  • They won Best Future Gen OCs for the 2015 Fanon awards
  • AceXWinter won Best Future Gen Couple for the 2015 Fanon Awards
  • Since apparently this wasn't clear when i made my blog: I am NOT accepting ANY other siblings for Ace and Lani. Sora is their only younger sibling and i will not be happy to find if someone makes them more siblings
  • Ace is very ticklish on his tummy and behind his ears, even as an adult
  • Lani is very close friends with Sterling, and in the The Crack Ships Series, She starts to date him~
  • They call their cousins' pups "Nieces" and "Nephews" just because it's easier
  • Ace is absolutely overwhelmed with happiness when Soda names her son after him. He loves all his nieces and nephews, but he has a little soft spot for AJ. He calls him "Lil A", and the younger pup calls him "Big A" in return.
  • Lani is Sterling's wing pup, and tries to help him out with Cece, even if he doesn't want her to. 
  • Lani and Ace love when Aunt Harper babysits them, because she usually treats them out to sweets and lets them do almost whatever they want to do
  • Lani and Ace desperately want to track down and absolutely DESTROY Taka for leaving their younger sister and breaking her heart. Despite the acts of her father, they still love their young niece Miracle with all their heart and want her to realize she's a special pup
  • Lani's name is pronounced like "Law-knee". It's a hawaiian name- If you've ever seen Lilo and Stitch- her name is also very similar sounding to Nani- the two rhyme c:


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