Rocky wasn't looking where he was going and crashed right in to Zuma.

Zuma: DUDE! What the heck!

Rocky: You'll never belive it! Chase LOVES Skye, and I'm going skinny dipping with her.

Zuma: Chase? Is that true?

Chase: No!

Rocky: Don't lie.

Chase: A little.

Rocky: I KNEW IT! Im gonna tell Skye!

Chase: NET! *bark*

Rocky: Whait what? Hey!

Zuma: Chase!

Chase: What! Am I gonna let him tell her! You stay in there till the dance.

Rocky: NO!

At the salon.............

Skye: The're coming.

Grace: Skye!

Candy: Hi!

Sophie: Hows it going!

Skye: I missed you guys!

Candy: A whole dance for Paw Patrol teams around the world!

Candy: What do you think of my dress?

It was a silky dark purple with jewles around the edges.

Skye: WOW!

Grace: My dress is soo long!

Grace had a long white dress that beautifully dragged across the floor. She wore red cross earings.

Grace: Like a formal verson of my uniofrm.

Sophie: Look at mine!

Sophie had a BIG poofy geen ish blue dress.

Sophie: Grr, if I, colud, just sqeeze throungh the door.

All: HA HA HA!

Candy: Ooooh. Skye your dress is amazing!

Skye had a glittery pink dress that was cut to show one of her back legs, the bottom was fluffy and white like a cloud.

Sophie: I wonder, what Diamond's gonna wear?

Grace: Something too pretty to get us noticed.

Candy: I didn't come to kiss boys.

All: Me neither!

At the lookout.........

Princess: Zuma! That's a beautiful tux.

Zuma: Orange is my color.

Princess was wearing a orange dress too. It was long and shiny with a gold line curling over it.

Zuma: This is gonna be great!

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