pups get injured in this story, please don't read it if you do not want to read about it Edit

It's a snow boarding day at Jake's mountain.

Rubble: I am so happy we get to do this.

Everest: I am happy you guys are here

Skye: me too ( she performs a back flip on her snow board)

Marshall: watch me nail this slo . . . WOAH WOAH AHHHHHH!!!!!!

Rocky: Marshall, are you okay?

the other pups continued snow boarding because they could not stop.

a little pup poked up her head

Marshall: who are you?

pup: let me see yo . . . AHHHH!

she disappeared.

Marshall: Ryder, pups, you will not believe it, she was a border collie, she . . .

Ryder: Marshall, you sprained your paw, you can't climb your ladder for a week.

Chase: uhh,

Skye: do you have something to do with the pup, chase?

Marshall: she went that way, (he pointed right)

the paw patrol followed Ryder and found a pup hanging of a cliff. she looked at chase,

pup: chase, HELP ME

to be continued.

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