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As time went on, more and more warnings came on the TV and the pups grew scared.

Rubble: What are we gonna do!

Raymond: Who's brilliant idea was it to build a lookout 50 feet above ground with the only room cover with glass.

Annie: What if it does hit?

The room was filled with silence till........

Marshall: Mmmmmmm, this is a tasty burger.

Then Ryder ran upstairs.

Ryder: Pups! We have to go to Katies basement now!

Skye: But this is important.

The TV went static. Then Crystal came in.

Crystal: Still important.

Skye: GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

The sirens went off.

Zuma: Lets go!!

At Katie's..........

Katie: Now we're safe.

Skye: Me and Chase need a TV together, we have an important show.

Katie: Of course you can, there is a TV in the vet room.

Chase: Lets go. 

So at the vet room......

Skye: Be right back.

Chase: Skye?

Skye comes in with a big blanket.

Skye: It will be more comfortable.

Laying on there big coushin and under their big blanket, they watched a white lab dance with a cocker spaniel.

Skye: Beautiful dancing, I hope they win.

Skye cuddles in Chase's lap.

Chase: (Thinks) wow two girls a fighting for me. This is fun!

At Crystals room...........

Crystal: Sophia and Annie you won't believe what Skye did.

Annie: What? 

Crystal: She is protecting Chase from me!

Sophia: Well, play hard to get.

Crystal: BRILLIANT!!!!

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