Skye: This is all your fault! 

Moonlight: MY FAULT! You're the one who stopped the race! *GASP* THE RACE!!!

She tried to pull but the slead was too heavy.

Moonlight: I need Chase to do this with me!!!!

Skye: What for?

Ashley: Bye. Haha!

Moonlight: SHE'S AHEAD!! If she wins, Chase has to date her!

Skye: AH! (ties herself in) She can't win!!! BARK!

Her wings came out.

Skye: Let's go!!!!

Ashley: HEY!

At the finish line.......


Moonlight: No.

Skye: You said nothing about flying being cheating.

Ashley: AH! (runs off)

Both: Ha ha ha ha!

Moonlight: We make a great team!

Skye: Yeah. Let's get Chase.

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